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WildStar: The Noob #16 - Weaponsmithing

Matt Gardner
MMOs, NCsoft, PC games, Videos, WildStar

WildStar: The Noob #16 - Weaponsmithing

What's better than spellslinging with dual pistols? Spellslinging with dual pistols that you've built with your own hands! Time to learn about tradeskills!

That's right folks, Shepherd Borg learns how to craft guns in the latest episode of WildStar: The Noob. And then just as things are getting good, we break the game and have to quit out.

Beta indeed.

You can catch up with previous episodes of WildStar: The Noob here, and do be sure to take in Carl’s most recent WildStar info wrap-up, which lifts the lid on a whole bunch of awesome customisation material, as well as checking out his Crafting 101 Dealspwn Playthrough.

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