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WildStar: The Noob #26 - On Top Of The World

Matt Gardner
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WildStar: The Noob #26 - On Top Of The World

"They're very helpful creatures around the house you know, what with catching and eating flies and other bugs."

This line always gets trotted out whenever I try to explain my moderate arachnophobia to people. A large house spider dropped into my hair when I was a young lad, I went a bit mad, everything went red and a few seconds later the spider was in various bits on the floor and in my hand, surrounded by clumps of mini-fro. I don't care if they're helpful. They're evil, spindly, scuttling minions of Satan who deserve annihilation. Probably.

With that in mind, it's not hard to see why we end up jumping at the chance to take out a bunch of arachnids terrorising the Sylvan Glade.

From there, though, we return to the shimmering waterfalls at the top of Celestion, and finally get round to grav-hopping between the islands on top of the world.

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