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WildStar: The Evil Noob #1 - Joining The Empire

Matt Gardner
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WildStar: The Evil Noob #1 - Joining The Empire

WildStar is out and looking resplendent, E3 is over for another year, and that means that I finally have a chance to leap back into the game to start a totally new playthrough with the "finished" (or at least retail) version of the game.

I've had a few people over the past couple of months message me asking if there'd be a second season of The Noob, and here it is. So thank you to everyone for the kind words and the advice. We're shaking things up this time, however. For starters, I'm rolling Dominion this time around, a decision that has arisen mainly because everybody that I know (and therefore will look to play with) has decided to be an Imperial rather than a plucky rebel. That's fine, though -- variety is the spice of life and all that. Plus, it's good to be bad sometimes, and I like the Dominion's colour scheme.

I fully intended to stick with Spellslinging, but at the last minute decided to become an Engineer. Basically, I spent an evening watching Firefly and the Terminator and settled on trying to make a cross between Kaylee and the T-1000.

WildStar: The Evil Noob #1 - Joining The Empire

Behold... Mechdusa! My Mechari Dominion Engineer Scientist. She's going to be enormously badass... so long as I don't get her killed too often. Still, no deaths in the first five minutes this time around -- I call that progress!

As always, feedback is most definitely welcome! I'm playing on Zhur, so if you're around come say hi... it's a PvP server so you can also say hi with your gun if you're that way inclined. Anyway, without further ado, I give you The Evil Noob!

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