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Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013

Carl Phillips
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Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013

New Info & Videos, With More News To Come

After a week of being filthy teases (which I’ve told them directly) Carbine Studios have finally revealed some new information in regards to the upcoming MMORPG WildStar… and it’s a rather serious amount of info at that. In his February State Of The Game Address on the official website, Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney spilt the beans on a number of topics, but perhaps the most important part he has revealed is that the Sci-fi-Western online experience will be releasing sometime this year. Hit the jump for a look at the new trailers, a few pieces of art work, along with the latest info.

Putting Fun Back Into Progression

Addressing the issue with levelling, or more importantly the annoyance that comes with grinding, Carbine aim to avoid the feeling of repetition by creating “a more varied experience” by varying the content that players will encounter. This is done with the previously discussed layers mechanic, utilising “different quests, challenges, discoveries, and [player] path content” together to ensure there is always something new. This will come on top of the way combat will reward skilled players with bonus experience, but don’t expect to be using the same tactics on the same types of enemies, as Carbine are working to make each enemy act differently in terms abilities. In short, Carbine want to make sure that players do not “feel like you are on a rail, mesmerized by repetition, through level after level."

As far as what happens when players hit the level cap, we’ve heard very little about what will happen, and Carbine feels “there needs to be an interesting set of innovative content there” once a players has finished leveling. The Elder Game, as Carbine has been referring to it, aims to “incent long-term-replayability” by appealing to the various playstyles that exist. Raids will exist for groups that want epic challenges, which will “reward you not only for managing to complete them” but provide “truly epic rewards if you can prove you are better than everyone else on the planet.” By using the tech the developers have built that allows them to modify terrain on the fly (as in, while you’re playing) it will let them “mix up our raids and dungeons on a weekly basis.”

Shaping The World In Your Image

The same technology will also be used in the recently revealed player housing system, but it turns out players will be able to affect the world of Nexus in more exciting ways. Ever gone into a PvP battleground and thought to yourself “I could have designed a better layout than this” or “I wish I had my own keep to protect with my buddies”?… well WildStar will let you do just that with something called Warplots. The idea behind it is that, beyond gaining powerful armour and weapons, players will be able to create “truly epic persistent fortresses to take to war” by using the same in-game toolset that the developers will be using.

Those that like to experience MMOs on their lonesome haven’t been forgotten either, as Carbine plan to use the same terrain-modifying tech to frequently update solo story content for max level players. Gaffney ends his address by stating that the beta test is coming very soon, and that select fans and critics have been invited to their California-based studio as part of their Arcship 2013 promotion to test out and provide feedback for the game before letting in beta testers, insisting that the opinions of the fans could still help shape the game ahead of its launch. You can read the State of the Game address in full here.

Meet The Exiles, Soldiers And Explorers

In addition to the address, Carbine have released three new videos. The first two look at two of the The Soldier and Explorer player paths, two of the four available that players can choose from in addition to the player classes.The third video gives us a look at the Exiles – one of the factions in WildStar. The mysterious fourth race for the faction is still being locked away for now, but the player path videos do show off some never-before-seen races... could they be our first look at the Dominion faction? We’ll have to wait for a few weeks to be sure.

Along with the videos, Carbine have also throw some concept art into internet wilds in regards to a newly announced area called the Deradune. We’ll be getting more information on this starting zone next week. You know the drill - click to embiggen.

Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013
Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013
Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013
Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013
Carbine Studios Announce WildStar To Launch In 2013

That, as they say, is that for now, but it appears Carbine Studios are gearing up to really show off WildStar in all its glory in the very near future. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the latest information as it appears, but if you have not seen WildStar before and wish to know more about it, be sure to check out our coverage here (including our interview with the developers here.)

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