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WildStar Video Interview | Stephan Frost

Carl Phillips
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WildStar Video Interview | Stephan Frost

After we got hands-on with WildStar, which you can read about in our preview article, I was given the chance to sit out down Stephan Frost, the game design producer at Carbine Studios and the narrator of the DevSpeak videos. We go into detail about the Settler player path and how they affect the open world, discuss the Elder Game and PvP leaderboards, before rounding off with some community questions (and a cameo by the site’s own mascot, Toby The Dealspwny.) Watch our exclusive video after the jump.

WildStar does not have a confirmed release date, however the game is currently in its second round of closed testing, with a stress test expected to happen within the next few weeks. We'll keep you up to date with the latest news regarding the upcoming MMORPG as it emerges.

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