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Wilson: EA Concerned With Getting Rid Of Gaming Impediments

Matt Gardner
Andrew Wilson, DRM, EA, EA Sports, Online Pass

Wilson: EA Concerned With Getting Rid Of Gaming Impediments

EA Sports head Andrew Wilson has reflected on the ill-fated Online Pass, saying that EA have a "gamer-first mentality", and that the removal of the controversial DRM codes were altruistic in purposes, and that EA will continue to try and remove gaming impediments for its consumers.

When we launched it, we did so because we are investing an exorbitant amount of money in online services and the provision of online services, and to be frank we still do," he said.

"And we thought it made sense to get some compensation for the use of those services. However, what became apparent to us after running it for a while, was that the impact that was having to users having to enter codes before they could get into the game, was too great.

"We have a gamer-first mentality – we don’t always get credit for it but we do. We looked at it, and said ‘we don’t want to put that barrier there for gamers to have to go through that process. We are going to take it away. We are going to get rid of it. We will go back to making great games and it will all work out.’"

Wilson, chatting to MCV, added: "It’s about how do we make sure we deliver the best possible seamless experience for gamers, how do we get rid of those pieces in the middle that would otherwise impede their gaming. How do we get back to focusing on building great games?"

We offer up the following advice: Actually listen to consumers and act upon it rather than taking three years to do. Think about value and positive consumer incentives  -- the carrot rather than the stick. Make good games and market them properly. Have a less confusing PR department.

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Tsung  Jun. 21, 2013 at 10:48

Sounds good does this apply to the rest of EA? If so he needs to tell the Sim City team as that game is full of impediments that prevent people from playing it properly.

Like if someone builds a city in your region using a DLC item you do not have, then decide to abandon. There is no way you can take over the city without purchasing the DLC.

sosrandom  Jun. 22, 2013 at 02:32

Does this mean they're removing Kinetic


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