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Windows 8 "Not Awesome" For Blizzard Either Apparently

Matt Gardner
Blizzard Entertainment, Gabe Newell, Microsoft, Oh dear, Rob Pardo, Windows 8

Windows 8 "Not Awesome" For Blizzard Either Apparently

Blizzard's executive vice president of game design, Rob Pardo, has jumped on the Windows 8-trashing bandwagon, agreeing with Gabe Newell's "nice" interview from the other day, and prophesying that the new operating system won't exactly do Blizzard any favours.

“Nice interview with Gabe Newell – ‘I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space’ – not awesome for Blizzard either,” he said in a tweet earlier today.

There are potential worries that Microsoft might move towards a more closed system, not unlike their main competitor Apple. Considering Valve's digital distribution service Steam gets the vast majority of its users via Windows, it's understandable that Newell might be a little worried about the changing future, but there's little detail here aside from seeming paranoia. it's been suggested that Microsoft might use their Storefront to exact more control over applications, installed programmes, and user purchases...though most of that has been rumour and speculation.

Admittedly, Microsoft haven't exactly been shining beacons of consideration when it comes to developers or consumers, and the Law of Alternating Windows Quality almost ensures that Windows 8 will be pants. It's an exact science that is.

Except for the fact that it isn't.


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