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Wireless Controller Bundle: Viva Pinata & Forza 2 £21.98 @ WhatAFind [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Wireless Controller Bundle: Viva Pinata & Forza 2 £21.98 @ WhatAFind [Xbox 360 Games]

Controllers cost an obscene amount these days, with the Xbox 360 one generally retailing for around £20-25 and Sony's DualShock 3 with all of its bells and whistles going for £5-10 more than that. It's daylight robbery. So when a deal comes along that means you can nab a free game or two at the same price, we like to sit up and take note.

What A Find are currently offering a controller bundle along with Rare's Viva Pinata and racing sim Forza 2 for £14.99, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, their extortionate delivery prices will bump it up to £21.98, but it's still a pretty good price.

First of all, extra controllers are a fundamental necessity these days. Local multiplayer has and will always kick bottom. Ironically, you probabaly won't use it, though, for either of the games listed here.

Viva Pinata is a fantastic game, one of the few games to have emerged from within Rare's stable within the last seven years that even remotely lives up the extraordinary promise of the 90s Golden Era, imbued as it is with the developer's trademark humour, fiendishly accessible and addictive mechanics and cutesy presentation. Put simply, Viva Pinata is an absolute delight to play. In a throwback to the Bullfrog games of old, you have a plot of land you need to transform into a garden that will entice new and exotic types of pinata in to come and nest/burrow/set up shop. And, like those Bullfrog games, it's a wonderfully engrossing affair. It's entirely possible to sit down for twenty minutes only to look up and find out that not only is it now dark outside, but it's the next day too.

Forza 2, by contrast, will probably be somewhat unsatisfying to anyone who has played Forza 3. That said, it doesn't make the second instalment a bad game, far from it. The massive stable of cars, balance between petrolhead tweaking and novice racer accessibility and the RPG-lite addictiveness that stand out as benchmarks for the series are all in here. No it might not be as smooth or eye-poppingly good looking as its sequel, but that doesn't stop it from being a damn fine racer.

Thanks to jayesh0507 at HUKD

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