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Wireless Entertainment Pack (Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indiana Jones & Wireless Controller) £24.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

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Wireless Entertainment Pack (Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indiana Jones & Wireless Controller) £24.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

For those of you looking for a great deal, or a Christmas present for the youngsters then look no further as the wireless entertainment pack has it all! With Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda and a wireless Xbox 360 controller, Christmas has certainly come early.

Zavvi are offering the cheapest price for The Wireless entertainment pack at £24.95. The next best price stands at £29.05 from Amazon.co.uk, which means you’re saving a few quid. If you were to individually buy Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure at £10 from Play, Kung Fu Panda £8.95 from Mymemory and a wireless Xbox Controller £19.44 from Amazon, then you’d be spending quite a bit more!

Lego Indiana Jones: Original adventures brings the mayhem and fun you’d expect to find in any Lego game nowadays, and mixes it with a large dose of action and adventure you’d want in Indiana Jones. Those familiar with the Lego Star wars Games should feel right at home with this one. It’s very similar to its predecessors, but there is an emphasis on the puzzles within Lego Indiana Jones. Each character has their own special abilities which will help aid the player in solving the puzzles. The cut scenes still retain their outlandish humour, and cooperative play is still extremely fun. And with the three Indiana Jones movies to play through, you’re not likely to tire of this hidden gem anytime soon!

Follow Po, an overweight panda, as he Kung Fus his way across thirteen different levels in a bid to stop an evil warrior from taking the legendary Dragon scroll. Kung Fu Panda is not surprisingly targeted to a younger age group, with its friendly approach to beating the crap out of things. It does a good job of mixing platforming, combat and exploration which will keep the player occupied for a bit. But unfortunately it won’t last long, with a gamer able to complete it quickly at least two or three times. One of the most notable things about Kung Fu Panda is how it looks. The colours, physics and general graphics are great and really help improve the overall gameplay. The sound is also top notch and helps bring the cinematic experience of the movie to the game. If you’re looking for something to pick up and play quickly then this is it.

The Wireless controller will be a great addition to the family as most games are best played with a friend. If you’re planning on playing cooperative on Lego Indiana Jones then you’ll need one of these. It’s always useful to have a spare controller if, heaven forbid, something should happen to the other one. Featuring 2.4 GHZ technology the controller is totally wireless, so no tripping over the cable anymore! You can use it up to thirty feet away and includes an integrated headset port.Wireless Entertainment Pack (Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indiana Jones & Wireless Controller) £24.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

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waisal  Nov. 9, 2009 at 14:43

Sold out at Zavvi and £92.97 at Amazon

Kailyn  Dec. 8, 2009 at 08:17

I'm too a Kung Fu Panda Fan, I cant wait until the christmas speacil and Kung Fu Panda World!! and the sequel!


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