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Witness The “End Of An Era” In This Final Fantasy XIV Video

Carl Phillips
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Witness The “End Of An Era” In This Final Fantasy XIV Video
In Preparation Of A Realm Reborn

In an effort to lift your spirits on this rather gloomy Monday, we have here a video depicting the end of the world of Eorzea, the land where Final Fantasy XIV takes place. The cinematic, which concludes the storyline for the online game, provides closure for the existing player base before the much-publicised relaunch called A Realm Reborn. You can witness the (not surprisingly) epic and highly visual cutscene, sending the original incarnation of the much-criticized online game out with a rather large amount of style, after the jump.

An Alpha testing stage for A Realm Reborn is to begin soon, and it has been confirmed that the long-awaited PS3 version will be coming out shortly after the PC version’s re-launch. You can find out more about the new version of Squeenix’s MMORPG by heading over to the official website.

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