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Woeful Broadband Speeds Holding Back PS4 Gaikai In Europe

Jonathan Lester
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Woeful Broadband Speeds Holding Back PS4 Gaikai In Europe

Gaikai is set to deliver instant games streaming on PS4 from early 2014... in the US. However, us Eurotrash will have to wait for our Broadband service providers to catch up.

Many canny observers noticed that Gaikai wasn't mentioned once during Sony's Gamescom presentation, though a Virgin deal will see gaming-centric broadband packages rolled out over the next year. SCEE CEO Jim Ryan told EDGE that they will have to wait for Europe's incredibly inconsistent broadband network to offer consistent connection speeds before they can even think about rolling out the service to us.

"So the plan is to begin with North America next year and the plan is to provide a streaming service that will allow for PS3 content initially to be streamed to firstly PS4 then PS Vita and then PS3," he said.

"And so that will happen in 2014 in North America initially. Now, and I touched upon these issues of broadband in Europe during the presentation - Europe is of course on the roadmap for that service to be deployed at some point in the future, but for reasons outside of our control we don't yet have a timeline for it.

"So at a show which is now pretty global in its reach but primarily aimed at a European audience, we didn't really want to start talking about the virtues of this great cloud-based service without knowing exactly when it'll come to Europe.

"We've got a roadmap, there's just a few bumps along the road that need to be ironed out." [via CVG]

We've been saying this for months if not years: British ISPs need to up their game, so we can play ours. We'll let you know when we get any sniff of a release window for Gaikai's streaming service on PS4 and PS3.

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