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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is out next week, sink your teeth into a trailer

Jonathan Lester
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About time too. After the exceptional first episode of The Wolf Among Us left us with a truly shocking cliffhanger, Telltale left us hanging for three months. Three months I've spent gnawing on my newsdesk and clawing at my hair in closure-less anguish. Three months that I've spent desperately pining for any new info while daydreaming of foulmouthed cockney frogs.

Thankfully Telltale are finally ready to release Episode 2 - entitled 'Smoke & Mirrors' - next week, presumably Wednesday and Thursday across multiple platforms. Since the PC version can only be bought as a season pass, we're keen to see if Telltale can keep the quality up. Expect subplots to thicken, more revelations, plenty of raw violence and about a thousand more unanswered questions.

In case you didn't know, The Wolf Among Us brings classic Fairy Tales into a gritty and complex 80s setting, and does so majestically. Be sure to read our spoiler-free 9/10 review for our verdict.

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Zeipher  Jan. 31, 2014 at 04:23

I heard that people guessed who the 'bad guy' was from hints in the first episode, so they quickly rewrote them all to make sure it's a mystery.

Shame, as I hadn't actually guessed who it was.

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