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Wolfenstein | £7.99 | TheHut | PC

Carl Phillips
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Wolfenstein | £7.99 | TheHut | PC

B.J Blazkowicz returned to shoot more Third Reich scum in what I consider a sub-par offering (and is probably the reason Singularity didn’t get the recognition it arguably deserved.) With the ability to use a device to enter The Veil that allows you to use several otherworldly powers, expect supernatural mayhem as you blast your way to victory. While I thought this was a shallow and unentertaining sequel that tried to do too much for no other reason than “just ‘cause” and had a multiplayer that thoroughly disappointed me (I still have fond memories of playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein competitively you see) the rest of the press seemed to like it, although it was quickly brushed aside by other games in the genre. Still, if you want to see the game for yourself then this is the best price.

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