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Wolfenstein | £2.49 | Steam | PC

Carl Phillips
Activision, FPS games, PC games, Raven Software
Wolfenstein | PC

Wolfenstein | £2.49 | Steam | PC

Today’s Steam deal brings the return of B.J Blazkowicz down to a bargain price. Because a number of retailers are out of stock, it means that the next best offer is coming from The Game Connection… which is over £20 more expensive than this current deal. Yikes.

Now for a little confession; I consider this instalment a sub-par offering (and is probably the reason Singularity didn’t get the recognition it arguably deserved) and felt it was a shallow and unentertaining sequel that tried to do too much for no other reason than “just ‘cause.” Even the multiplayer thoroughly disappointed me (I still have fond memories of playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein competitively you see) and ultimately it was quickly brushed aside by other games in the genre. Saying that though, £2.50 makes it worth a look, especially if you want to shoot some Nazis. Thanks to chaywa @ HUKD!