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From Wolf-Gods To Ghosts: News Roundup September 2nd

DSi, Ghost Trick, News, Okamiden, PS3, Star Wars

Today’s news sees the rumoured Okami sequel confirmed for the Nintendo DS, while DSi-specific games are rumoured for release this Autumn, the PS3 Slim is dethroned by an unexpected Xbox 360 game, and new DS mystery Ghost Trick is announced by Capcom.

Okami Sequel Revealed For The DS

From Wolf-Gods To Ghosts: News Roundup September 2nd

Rumours suggesting a new Okami game is in the works have been confirmed by Capcom.  The sequel is set to appear on the Nintendo DS in Japan sometime next year, with the official title Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyo (rough translated to mean Okami Legend: The Small Sun).  The game is confirmed to be playable at the Tokyo game show, on September 24th.  In the previous game wolf-god Amaterasu returned the world back to normal after being terrorized by demons.  Now Amaterasu has gone, and the demons have returned.  When Sakuya calls for assistance from the gods, Chibiterasu, basically a puppy version of Amaterasu, comes along to help.

Who exactly this puppy is remains a mystery, with producer Motohide Eshiro giving nothing away.  Although he does confirm “it's true that he's a young form of existence, not fully grown” and therefore unable to demonstrate Amaterasu’s raw power.  Gameplay will remain largely the same, save for the introduction of a partner system, allowing the partner to work together with the hero in battle and exploration, being independently controlled by the brush (stylus).  Hopefully more can be revealed at TGS this month.  [Gamespot]

DSi-Specific Games Rumoured For Release This Autumn

From Wolf-Gods To Ghosts: News Roundup September 2nd

If sources are to be believed, then it looks like the first Nintendo DSi exclusives will see release this Autumn.  These games will only work on the DSi, and not the DS lite or original, utilizing the DSi’s unique features.  Consequently the games will come in visually distinct packaging, highlighting the difference.

Nintendo seem to be leaving it up to third-party publishers to take charge in developing DSi-exclusive software, similar to their approach with the Wii MotionPlus.  With Autumn already approaching, and no game announcements for the DSi as of yet, this news will have to stay in the rumour pile for the time being.  [Kotaku]

PS3 Slim Knocked Off Top Spot By Surprise Xbox 360 Game

From Wolf-Gods To Ghosts: News Roundup September 2nd

The PS3 Slim has enjoyed two full weeks at the top of Amazon.com’s bestsellers list.  But after a rather short reign, a surprise Xbox 360 game has knocked the PS3 Slim off its perch and claimed the top spot for itself.  The game responsible is no other than Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, released in September of last year.

The game unleashed its force on Sony by achieving a huge boost in sales, through being offered for only $9.98 as part of Amazon’s deal of the day.  Things will likely return to their previous ways though, with the game only being available for such a low price for one day.  [XboxLifeStyle]

Ghost Trick Announced For the DS

From Wolf-Gods To Ghosts: News Roundup September 2nd

Following the news of Okamiden debuting at Tokyo Game Show, Capcom also announced another new Nintendo DS game will feature alongside it.  The game is titled Ghost Trick, and boasts Hironobu Takeshita, known for Mega Man 9, as the producer, and Shu Takumi, main writer for the Ace Attorney series, as the director.

Ghost Trick is a mystery adventure, starring Sisel, an unfortunate man in red who starts off the game by being shot to death.  The rest of the game follows Sisel’s soul, as he investigates the events leading in his life that will eventually cause his death.  Sisel only has a few hours to do this, with time not being a luxury to those destined for the afterlife.  A playable version at TGS should show how the game will work.  [1UP]

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