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EXIPIRED: World of Warcraft Battlechest | £5.99 | Game | PC

Carl Phillips
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EXIPIRED: World of Warcraft Battlechest | £5.99 | Game | PC

If you have managed to resist the call to Azeroth and the MMORPG realm but have been curious to give it a try, this deal may present an opportunity for you. Included in the Battlechest are the original release and its first expansion The Burning Crusade, along with a strategy guide for each of them. It’s worth noting though that those guides (especially the one for “Vanilla WoW”) will be heavily out of date thanks to Cataclysm and a very angry dragon, but if you consider that on top of this you get one month of subscription time as well it’s a great deal for a newcomer to the online behemoth. Thanks to Jerec @ HUKD!

Please note there is a monthly subscription of £8.99 beyond the first month.

EDIT: Well, that was fast! This one is now out of stock, but we'll keep you posted on any further deals.

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Jerec  Feb. 21, 2011 at 12:09

I bought one, but only because for that price I can afford a second account and the bonuses it brings, and judging but how fast it sold out, so will everyone else!


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