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World Of Tanks Update 7.4 Brings Armoured Vehicles, Maps & Modes To The Fight

Jonathan Lester
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World Of Tanks Update 7.4 Brings Armoured Vehicles, Maps & Modes To The Fight
World Of Tanks Update 7.4 is ready for action, containing two game modes, two maps, French artillery and Tank Destroyers. Deets and trailer below.

Encounter Battle and Assault, the two newly introduced game modes, will provide players with new gameplay experiences that emphasize strategic team gameplay. In Encounter Battle, two opposing teams fight over a single base. In Assault, one team must defend a single base against an opposing team hellbent on attack.

"Update 7.4 and its two new game modes definitely refresh the game and bring more exciting and challenging combat tasks to players," comments Mike Zhivets, producer of World of Tanks. "The addition of new French SPGs and tank destroyers only enhances the game's already deep strategic and tactical gameplay".

The French tech tree has been updated with new long range SPGs including Renault BS, Lorraine 39 L AM, AMX 105 AM, AMX-13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 (50), Lorraine 155 (51), Bat. Chatillon 155, emphasising slow-paced ground action. For even more firepower, the French reinforcements also include eight new tank destroyers: Renault FT AC, Renault UE 57, Somua Sau 40, S 35 CA, ARL V 39, AMX AC de 100, AMX AC de 120, AMX 50 Foch.

Update 7.4 also delivers two new: Widepark and Airfield. Widepark brings the fight to a dense labyrinth of streets in a half-ruined European style town, ideal for deadly ambushes and dynamic "cat and mouse" games in an urban environment. Airfield takes players away to North Africa, where hilly terrain provides good cover from shelling and airbase installations satisfy those who like deliberate precision fire from higher grounds or high speed racing across open ground.

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phil16  Jun. 21, 2012 at 13:11

Good news. Started playing this last night after seeing the world of aircraft piece yesterday. Not a bad game for free once you realise how to us terrain and visibility to your advantage.


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