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World Transfer & “Guesting” System For Guild Wars 2 Explained

Carl Phillips
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Guild Wars 2

World Transfer & “Guesting” System For Guild Wars 2 Explained

This Weekend’s Beta Event Also Detailed

In their latest blog post, ArenaNet have explained the mechanics behind the way players will be able to move their characters between worlds (i.e. servers) when their upcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2 releases later this year. Two options of different levels will be available; one paid, and one free.

Using Guild Wars 2’s micro-transaction store, players will be able to spend 1800 Gems to move all of their characters to a different world, however they will only be able to do so once every seven days. Alternatively, if a player has a friend on a different world that they wish to play with they can opt to choose the “Guesting” feature. Unlike World transfers, this option is free to use, however those “guesting” will be barred from taking part in World Vs World PvP until they return to their home-world. Other restrictions may apply, but they were not revealed in the blog post.

The news comes ahead of this weekend’s Beta Event, which will allow those with pre-orders to get their first experience in the MMO sequel. All participants will be given 2000 gems for free to spend on the micro-transaction store, including World transfers if you absolutely have to, however it was stated that the "Guesting" feature will not be available this weekend (so pick your server wisely ahead of time.) The blog post also revealed the names of the servers that will be available over the weekend. We’ve listed the ones assigned to European players below.

EU Servers

  • Kodonur
  • Gandara
  • Kodash
  • Blacktide
  • Istan
  • Vabbi
  • Kourna
  • Fissure of Woe
  • Underworld
  • Ring of Fire
  • Far Shiverpeaks
  • Petrified Forest
  • Jade Sea
  • Desolation
  • Magus Falls
  • Whiteside Ridge
  • Fort Ranik
  • Ruins of Surmia
  • Sharp’s Corner
  • Aurora Glade
  • Riverside
  • Elona Reach
  • Augury Rock
  • Abaddon’s Mouth

You can get the full list, including the US servers, as well as the full details on player transfers in the full blog post, found at the link here.

Looking forward to the upcoming beta event? You can whet your appetite a little more by checking out our in-depth Guild Wars 2 coverage here.

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