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From World of Warcfaft to Fallout 3: News Roundup 15th July

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An 18-Year old is held by the FBI in relation to something he said on World of Warcraft in today’s news roundup, while the Green Lantern gets his very own game, a Canadian retail chain supports the rumour of the PS3 Slim, and the final Fallout 3 expansion pack gets a release date of August 3rd.

Kid Goes Too Far On World Of Warcraft

From World of Warcfaft to Fallout 3: News Roundup 15th July

An 18 year-old from Greenwood, Indiana claimed while playing World of Warcraft he "was going to board a plane at 7:30 to Chicago and that (he) was going to try and kill as many Americans as possible".  After leaving many more similar messages Blizzard eventually intervened, believing the threats to be serious enough to notify the authorities.

The kid is now under investigation by the FBI.   Initially he claimed his account had been hacked, but later admitted the truth, believing the cops wouldn’t actually turn up to your house if you made terrorist threats.  So, what did you learn?  [Kotaku]

Green Lantern Gets His Own Game

From World of Warcfaft to Fallout 3: News Roundup 15th July

The Green Lantern must have felt a tad neglected seeing his Marvel and DC friends hit the mega-bucks, starring in their own games and films while he was stuck in the background with Wonder Woman.  Not any more though, as The Green Lantern is reportedly set to star in his own game, accompanying the movie out June 17th 2011.

The game is rumoured to be developed by Double Helix, a team comprised mostly of experienced developers from Shiny Entertainment and The Collective.  Warner Bros refers to this as “rumour and speculation”, but as a movie is in the works you can pretty much bet on your dog’s life a game is too.  [VentureBeat]

Canadian Retail Chain Falling In Line With Sony’s Plans?

From World of Warcfaft to Fallout 3: News Roundup 15th July

In June it was widely rumoured Sony was planning to phase out all 80GB Playstation 3s, to make way for a price drop, or even the launch of the PS3 Slim.  An internal memo from a Canadian retail chain Zellers may go someway in confirming this.  The memo instructs employees to stop accepting ‘rainchecks’ for an 80GB PS3 offer because apparently “We can not accept the rainchecks because we can not promise we could fill them with the same item”

This looks like they won’t be getting 80GB PS3s to fill any orders they may get.  The previous rumour indicates that after all the 80GB models are sold, Sony plan to sell through their stock of the 160GB model, intending to release the PS3 Slim at a lower price.  [Joystiq]

Fallout 3 Update Pack “Mothership Zeta” Out August 3rd

From World of Warcfaft to Fallout 3: News Roundup 15th July

Bethesda has revealed that the alien-abduction themed add-on for Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta, will be available for download on August 3rd on the Xbox 360 and PC for 800 Microsoft Points.  This will be the final expansion pack offered for the game, and Bethesda reveal it will allow players to recruit an “unexpected array of characters”, including characters from earths past presumably because they have also been abducted.

Like previous add-ons new weapons and armour are available, including The Alien Atomizer, Drone Cannon and Gemini-Ea Spacesuit.  The plot will focus on the protagonist attempting to gain control of the UFO before it gets the chance to reach Earth and pretty much cause a problem for anyone living there.  Mothership Zeta and all previous expansion packs will be sold together in the Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition, out in October for the 360 and PC.  [Gamespot]

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