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World Of Warcraft May Get In-Game Microtransactions

Jonathan Lester
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World Of Warcraft May Get In-Game Microtransactions

After WoW players spotted an item called the 'Enduring Elixir of Wisdom' on the public test realm, a booster touting an "in-game store," Blizzard have revealed that they're considering adding microtransactions to their seminal MMO. Beyond the pet store, that is.

"We are currently exploring the possibility of adding a way for players in certain regions to make purchases directly within the game," Community manager Zarhym wrote on Battle.net. "As part of this process, elements related to this will be appearing on the PTR. We'll provide additional updates on our plans as development progresses."

By the looks of the reactions, players are worried about potential balance issues and even pay to win elements creeping into the experience. Judging by the wording, however, this move looks extremely likely in due course. [via EG]

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Anarchist  Jul. 5, 2013 at 19:50

+100% xp buff

Designed to fleece ADHD kids out of a few more pennies who can't stand their new character having to level up for a couple of days before they can go get some phat epiczz..

Won't affect end game raiding at all. As long as they keep to that format I don't necessarily see the problem. People have been paying money for high end accounts/gear (I know, I sold two of them for a total of around £750) for years. Although blizzard don't allow that, strangely.

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