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The Worst Games Of 2010

Matt Gardner
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The Worst Games Of 2010

We're currently considering a monthly little segment video where we hold a vote each month to decide on 'One Of The Worst Games Of All Time' to strap to a firework and blow into thousands of pieces. Whilst 2010 was a year filled with some cracking games, it wasn't without a few candidates for terminal explosion. From pointless party games to creepy voyeurism, there were some games out there to avoid like the plague this year.

Get your vote on below...and we'd love to hear about your nightmare titles of 2010!

NB. Hit the thumbnail for price comps and the title for our full reviews where applicable.



The Worst Games Of 2010

Dead Or Alive: Paradise

If DOA: Paradise was a reality show it'd either get shown late at night on Channel 5 or be a frontline programme for MTV. Sticking a bunch of girls on an island and inviting you to take pictures of them lounging around the beach in very little clothing turned out to be a terrible idea for a game. The ESRB said it best when referring to it as 'creepy voyeurism'. *shudder*

The Worst Games Of 2010

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV boasted more bugs than a termites nest. A shining example of how NOT to deliver an MMO. Shoddy, broken and depressingly unplayable.

The Worst Games Of 2010

Iron Man 2

Brendan actually gave Iron Man 2 a solid 5. He was far too kind. Where being an armour-plated technical whirlwind of awesomeness should have been, we instead got the most dumb, repetitive shrug of a game. It made the painfully average first game look like a masterpiece. There was just no excuse for it really. Had they simply re-released the previous effort under a different label it would have been more gratefully received. You can chalk it up to disappointment perhaps, but considering we really didn't have toweringly high hopes, we're going to go with just plain BAD.

The Worst Games Of 2010

Prison Break: The Conspiracy

If there's one thing worse than a movie tie-in....it's a TV tie in. It games had aromas, this would pong like a Paula Radcliffe's post-marathon socks, marinaded in a sumptuous gravy of horse manure and cat piss. Don't even get me started...

The Worst Games Of 2010

Pure Football

Not only did Pure Football fall out of the Ugly Tree and get smacked by every single Ugly Branch on the way to the ground, it managed to turn what could have been a potentially fun, throwaway arcade sports title into a steaming pile of poo. There were some nice ideas floating around, but playing the game itself was about as much fun as getting repeatedly slapped in the face by a sweaty glove.

The Worst Games Of 2010

Truth or Lies

Truth or Dare, without the Dare part. It's Spin the Bottle with no sign of any bottle. We can't fathom why this game even exists. Seriously. Can someone please explain it to us?

Winner: Final Fantasy XIV

The Worst Games Of 2010
Jon and I rather maintain that if the other writers had played Truth or Lies (though we wouldn't wish that on anyone), there'd be a different game sitting here, but as it is perhaps it's rather fitting that our Worst Game of 2010 comes as a cautionary lesson to other big hitters who think we're a public who'll lap up just about anything. The moral of the story is this....Big Names Can't Save Utterly Broken Piles Of Poo. For shame!

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Persus-9  Jan. 17, 2011 at 09:28

I'd hate to be qualified to compare all the worst titles of the last year and be able to actually answer this question. I'd guess the worst game isn't on that list, just think of all the half-broken motion controller based shovelware out there. *shudders*

Matt Gardner  Jan. 17, 2011 at 10:12

We would have EXTENSIVELY reviewed Babysitting Mama had we received a review copy of it...but ultimately we weren't really prepared to go out and buy it. The doll seemed to watch you no matter where you were standing.

Persus-9  Jan. 17, 2011 at 10:34

I hadn't heard of that. Looking at what google throws up it seems mildly disturbing to say the least. Particularly as you have to remove the baby's spine after playing...

I hear the worst games don't send out review copies, they must be hunted down in the wild. I recall reading an article by Ellie Gibson where she went out and raided the bargain bins to do just that, it sounded like it was the sort of endeavor that was much much more fun to read about than to actually do.

Jonathan Lester  Jan. 17, 2011 at 10:46

As you said in the summary, I can't believe that Truth or Lies didn't top this list! The sad thing is that it's thoroughly toxic without even being BROKEN...


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