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Is it worth playing Mass Effect before Mass Effect 2 on PS3?

scubahenry |  Jul. 4, 2011 at 15:03

Just bought Mass Effect 2 on PS3 as it came with all DLC. I have an Xbox 360 as well, though, so is it worth playing the original? Have heard mixed things about it :-S

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JoshuaClark  Jul. 7, 2011 at 10:30

Absolutely it is. You might find the combat (not to mention the texture load times) sluggish, but you'll also find what, for me at least, is a much better sci-fi story.

I'm not wishing to spoil anything for you, but the appearance of the big bad guy in Mass Effect is handled with much more finesse than it is in the second installment. The universe also feels like a much bigger place in the first game. A little more sparse, and made difficult to navigate by the Mako sure, but grander in scale nonetheless.

It's far from perfect, and the second game streamlined a lot of things that didn't work so well in the original (like the bloody inventory system), but Mass Effect is a game I'll insist people play to the grave.

Did I mention it's cheap as chips?

JonLester  Jul. 7, 2011 at 13:41

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. The original Mass Effect grounds you in the universe and gives you a reason to care about the events of the second game. Without playing it, the Normandy is just a ship, Wrex is just some Krogan and nothing that occurs will have any real significance.

The storytelling is also leagues ahead of its successor, providing incredible twists and one of the best storylines in videogame history. If you don't play it, you'll be cheating yourself out of an incredible experience.

As Josh says, it's also very cheap.

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MattGardner  Jul. 7, 2011 at 13:42

Yes it's definitely worth playing the first game. The interactive comic is no real substitute. If it was, all of the ME games would be presented like that, it was a quick fix.

Mass Effect has its flaws - side missions and cookie cutter level designs abound, but it has one of the best plots ever, some genuinely surprising twists and turns, and offers some far larger choices, I think, than its successor. The combat really isn't that bad (although the companion AI really is!) and the Mako can be a bit fiddly at times, but in terms of storytelling it does a far better job than ME2 simply because it has a better story to tell in the first place.

Late  Jul. 7, 2011 at 14:13

It's gotta be worth playing the one you've already bought for half an hour, just to see if you like it, surely. If you do, then the guys are right - get the first as it's dirt cheap and highly regarded by most.

Personally, I couldn't stand it, though.
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Quazatron  Jul. 8, 2011 at 14:26

The first game was quite a chore to play. The second game is very, very similar - I keep waiting for something blinding that will justify all the praise it receives, but so far it's another chore. I seem to spend most of my time waiting for a loading screen to finish - if ME3 does not support level streaming, I'm not bothering.


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