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Is it worth getting SWTOR if you just want to play solo?

binkymalk |  Jan. 19, 2012 at 14:12

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CarlPhillips  Feb. 9, 2012 at 17:22

Here's the thing; it is possible to play SWTOR exclusively on your own, but you won't be able to see everything the game has to offer.

You would forfeit the ability to do Heroic quests until you have out-leveled them. The same applies with being able to do Flashpoints (instances) which provide new stories and rewards. Additionally, you'd forfeit the chance to take part in PvP (although for now that's fine, as there are issues with this area :S)

There's a reason it is an MMO; it is designed to be played with others (and it's even better with those you know) but if you play it smart and pick a good class / advanced class I would say you could, at the very least, experience the standard quests and class quests on your lonesome.

Ev0lution  Feb. 9, 2012 at 18:22

Its a poor game and I say that as someone who has waited for this game since the moment I saw it mooted and also as someone who played WoW for over 5 years.

For all of its undoubted polish its not a patch on WoW and seems destined to make the same mistakes as WoW did only without the saving grace of having no competition.

The servers are horribly underpopulated so playing solo isnt as much of a dampner on the gameplay experience but more like the norm. I was on Tattoine a few days ago and there was SIX people (yes I did say six people) on the server in Tattoine. How the hell you are meant to get a heroic group of 2 like minded individuals doing a certain mission never mind 4 is anyone's guess.

It might be designed to play with others but I would avoid it until you are sure you have either got a good and well populated server or at least a bit of maturity in the game so that more people are playing. Ive been on the game for a month and in all that time I have done 2 Flashpoints (thats dungeons in wow speak)and getting a classic group for heriocs (1 tank, 1 healer, 2 DPS) its 4s in this game no 5mans here is nigh on impossible. And dont get me started about the shabby way Euro players are being treated on server maintenance. Its happening at weekends and for most of the day on a Tuesday. In the USA its through the night for us its in the middle of the day which just happens to be through the night for the Americans. It needs fixed or they will lose players in their droves.

If I was you I would not buy this game at this moment in time.

You will read this and might think its another hater but trust me I have been as honest as I can here.

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Nescient  Feb. 9, 2012 at 19:20

Hi Ev0lution, I've been reading the review for SWTOR in all of it's installments, and the responses to the posts, people seem to forget one big thing, this is not a seasoned MMO with years of experience.

Of course it's not WOW, it's not had years of active live dev; time to fix problems, think Daoc, think WAR, think RIFT, these games were released, not anything like wow, and yet they were as good as limited testing as you can get. You're never going to know from a limited beta of say 30,000 players what a balance load of a million will do, you're never going to know who's going to exploit what mechanic in a way you've never dreamed of.

When you're on the fly patching issues you never foresaw, because you didn't have so many people in a large area of interest that issues arose before, issues are going to happen. It's the nature of MMOs.

The fact your referring to dungeons and 5 mans in wow, leads me to think you've never been a hardcore raider, as we're used to calling them instances, that's how they were referred to back in the day. You haven't mentioned anything about the raids in end game in this game yet either. Maturity in MMOs has gone from ok, to bad to worse, saying you hope for maturity to arrive in a game is like saying you're waiting to watch paint dry. It's on the decline, not on the rise.

I can understand your frustrations about a game being released that you've been looking forward to for a long time and it not living up to your expectations, but having played more than just WoW as a baseline for SWTOR; I have to say, it's the best flavour of the month game in a long time, with the most potential to survive and grow and improve. Did you play RIFT? Or WAR? Or RF Online? SWTOR has more potential than all of those combined imo (alright RIFT has patched a lot and is doing ok)

It sounds like you're on a dead server, and for that I'm sorry, on my heavy population one, I'm having a ball, BG queues pop in 2 - 5 minutes the Galactic Market is full, and there's constant to and fro in the general chat channels. All be it mostly immature QQ, but that's why you have guilds, head back to your fleet and ask for help, check the forums for active guild recruitment on your server.

Is it the best MMO ever, no, is it WoW, no, thank ****. Is it a damn good start to an MMO franchise, with the potential to do very well, I think so. Of course Bioware can still drop the ball and screw it up completely, but the turnover of the patches so far is pretty fast, ok they're not listening to balancing issues yet, but when you just release a game, that's the least of your worries. You fix the really important game breaking things, then move onto the less important thing.

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Tsung  Feb. 10, 2012 at 09:12

Personally I found SWTOR feels more like a single player game than any other MMO out there. You don't have to do flashpoints, you don't have to anything with the other players. I'm not sure about end-game but certainly early game is single player. The biggest "put-off" for me was flashpoints where it doesn't seem to matter if you are in a party, you see all the dialogue and make your own decisions. I found it unnerving, I thought I might as well be playing this game alone. (ok the battles might required more than 1 person but that was about it).

PvP isn't required, when I tried PvP in one of the Arena's it felt broken. Everybody was doing their own thing, it's not clear in the heat of battle who is doing what other than straight team death match. I dunno it might of improved since the last time I played it.

So if you don't mind paying a monthly fee to play on your own in a populated server, go right ahead. Treat the other players like NPC's. In the future you might change your mind and want to play with others and with SWTOR you will be able to.

(I played the game for about 2 weeks before giving up realising this is basically WoW in a different dress. Maybe I should of given it more of a chance?. In the future I might re-sub to see if it's improved/matured).


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