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X-COM Complete Pack Only £2 This Weekend @ Steam [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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X-COM Complete Pack Only £2 This Weekend @ Steam [PC Games]

Let's face it: £2 really won't buy you much entertainment these days. It certainly won't get you into a film (at least, not one worth watching), it won't cover the cost of a good book and it usually won't net you a decent game. Hell, it'll barely cover the cost of a newspaper! This weekend, however, you can pick up the entire X-COM series for a measly two quid on Steam. That means you'll be able to snag five full games for less than a supermarket sandwich.

The X-COM series made its debut in the mid-nineties with X-COM: Enemy Unknown, which is generally considered to be one of the finest tactical strategy games ever made. It challenged players to equip and field elite squads of shock troops in turn-based isometric combat; whilst also having to deal with fragile international politics and budgetary reviews after each mission. Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse further expanded on the formula with a wider selection of enemies and improved AI that punished the overconfident and rewarded faultless tactical precision. They're difficult games, but the sense of accomplishment is well worth meeting the steep difficulty curve head on.

The package also includes two spinoffs: a flight simulator and a fast paced third-person shooter. They're frankly not in the same league as the originals, but they provide an enjoyable diversion that warrants their 40p price tag. Plus, the shooter is actually a lot of fun- and is the perfect way to blow off steam after a few tense, nail-biting missions!

The X-COM games may look dated, but they provide a deep tactical challenge for even the most hardened strategy veterans. If you value substance over style then you should seriously consider picking up the whole package this weekend!

Thanks to Cuddy at HotUKDeals!

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