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XBLA Batman Title In The Works?

Felix Kemp
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XBLA Batman Title In The Works?

We're all giddy with excitement for Batman: Arkham City, due in September, but might we be due another dose of Dark Knight duties sooner? Publisher Warner Bros have set about securing domains relating to a possible new Batman title. The links in question suggest the game might be titled Batman: Imposters, with further links referencing Hush, the popular comic arc where the titular villain, Hush, weaves an elaborate plan to remove Batman from Gotham, once and for all. We've heard rumblings of Warner Bros prepping an XBLA Batman title for a while now. Might this be it?

The domains Warner Bros have registered include BatmanImpostors.com, BatmanRedHoods.com and BatmanHushGame.com. The Imposter and Hush title in particular point to a possible interpretation of the comic, a rumor which has been running wild of late. Arkham Asylum's success has opened the Batman franchise to a lot of new possibilities, and a low-cost but smart and tight XBLA game could be an excellent addition.

But, on the flip side, it could also derail a lot of good energy towards Batman, who up until Rocksteady's involvement had been something of a joke in the industry, if it's just a simple cash-in. We'll keep our eyes peeled for this as it develops. [Joystiq]

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