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XBLA Roundup: Limbo, Assassin's Creed DLC Deals [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Assassin's Creed II

XBLA Roundup: Limbo, Assassin's Creed DLC Deals [Xbox 360 Games]

This week marks the start of the annual Summer of Arcade festival, with the first title now available to download. Before we get stuck into the monochromatic fugue of Limbo, however, let's take a look at the current Deal of the Week.

Currently, Microsoft has slightly slashed the prices of Assassin's Creed 2's DLC packs and a couple of avatar items. Click the link below to download the deal, though remember that only Gold Members can access the reduced prices by logging in.

Sequence 13 : Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret Locations 400MSP
Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities 240MSP
Sequence 12: Battle of Forli 240MSP
Da Vinci's Flying Machine 160MSP
Guard Armor 240MSP

Sequence 12 and 13 fill in Ezio's missing memories that were rudely excluded from the original package; fleshing out the canon and explaining a few genuine mysteries. What happened to the Apple of Eden? Where did Ezio get that stylish beard? Can I please have another go on the flying machine? All these questions are finally answered.

Basically, if you've been waiting to get your hands on the extra missions then now's your chance.


XBLA Roundup: Limbo, Assassin's Creed DLC Deals [Xbox 360 Games]

No, this isn't a Kinect party game that forces your avatar to bend under a horizontal pole. Delving into the dangerous black and white forest of Limbo, a young boy is tasked with circumventing a series of dastardly physics-based puzzles to claim his sister's soul. While the monochromatic mood is both incredibly stylish and extremely atmospheric, it also makes many of the traps extremely difficult to see... requiring, in essence, a huge amount of trial and error.

If you've played Braid to death and been craving another arty platformer then this will definitely float your boat (in fact, that's one of the puzzles), but otherwise this will be an extremely divisive title. I highly recommend trying out the demo.

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