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XBLA Roundup: Family Games, Crazy Taxis & Black Friday

Jonathan Lester
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XBLA Roundup: Family Games, Crazy Taxis & Black Friday

Deal Of The Week: Hasbro Family Game Night

XBLA Roundup: Family Games, Crazy Taxis & Black Friday

This week's official Gold Members Only deal is... a little lacklustre. For a limited time, Microsoft has lowered the prices of the entire Hasbro Family Game Night range by 50%. Once a minigame collection on the PS2 and Wii, each individual minigame has been separated into standalone games that perform exactly the same as their physical counterparts. Thus making them entirely pointless.

Note that Xbox Live Gold members will need to sign in to see the special prices! Luckily, Black Friday has provided us with a lot more in the way of deals... so keep reading!

New To XBLA: Crazy Taxi

XBLA Roundup: Family Games, Crazy Taxis & Black Friday

Crazy Taxi is the latest classic Dreamcast title to reach XBLA... and SEGA have really gone to down in the wake of mediocre feedback for Sonic Adventures. It's not exactly pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but the frantic gameplay of the original has been perfectly ported over to the downloadable marketplace with slightly improved graphics and (joy of joys) full widescreen support!

Achievements, four avatar items and online leaderboards bring Crazy Taxi fully into the next generation- where it deserves to thrive until a full HD sequel comes along. 800 MSP is very reasonable... but if you've only got a few points to spare, you'd be better off waiting for the...

Black Friday Deals!

XBLA Roundup: Family Games, Crazy Taxis & Black Friday

Felix has already dropped the hammer on one of the best of this week's Black Friday deals: Monkey Island with a 50% discount. However, It would be remiss to not point out that Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is down to a bargain price, as well as an INCREDIBLE saving on Portal: Still Alive. Gorge yourself on the gaming bargains below, and bear in mind that Major Nelson will be issuing unique deals throughout Black Friday itself! Not that I actually know what it is. Must be an American thing.


Game Add-Ons

Avatar Items

If you really feel the need to spend 80 points on crappy avatar gear rather than supporting worthy Xbox Live Indie games... then now's your chance to get more for less.

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Aelynn  Nov. 25, 2010 at 17:26

Thanks for the heads-up on PuzzleQuest 2. I've been meaning to get it if ever it was discounted and it doesn't show up as one of the "specials" on my dashboard. However, if I look up the game itself, 800 pts it is. I would have missed it!


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