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XBLA Roundup Episode II: Inventory Blowout Sale!

Jonathan Lester
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XBLA Roundup Episode II: Inventory Blowout Sale!

After yesterday's Xbox Live roundup, Microsoft announced a huge price reduction of 10 top XBLA titles for both silver and gold members. There's no time to waste, folks- so here's the complete price list for your perusal. Click the links to queue up the download!

South Park 800 400
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix 1200 560
Defense Grid 800 400
Rocket Riot 800 400
Mad Tracks 800 400
Track & Field 400 240
Lumines Live 800 400
Age of Booty 800 400
Schizoid 800 400
Wallace & Gromit episode 1 800 400

There are some great games here, so let's try and sort out the wheat from the chaff (as well as bringing your attention to some lesser-known gems).

South Park and Defense Grid are both excellent tower defence titles, but couldn't be more different. South Park offers a zany, fast-paced and frequently hilarious referential romp, granting up to four players direct control of classic characters in order to place towers and attack enemies directly. It's a fun hybrid that blends tower traditional static defence with hectic twinstick shooting. In contrast, Defense Grid is a solid and stolid title that takes itself very seriously- but boasts impressive visuals and an epic amount of content.

Rocket Riot, put simply, is a game that you want. If you don't have it already, I suggest that you at least check out the demo right now. Basically, Rocket Riot rips the geometry-based, tactical bazooka play from the Worms series and grafts it onto geometry wars. It's got 80 singleplayer levels, survival mode, local multiplayer, co-op and a fully-featured Xbox Live versus mode... as well as the most epic soundtrack and stylish nouveau retro visuals I've witnessed in a long time. To reiterate: this is a game that you want.

Schizoid is a fun little diversion, but you'll need a mate to play it. It's a (you guessed it) twinstick shooter that revolves around cooperative play: each player can only harm a certain colour of enemy. It's fun, but it certainly wasn't worth 800 points... but it's worth the plunge now that it's half price.

Oh, and you should already know what Street Fighter 2 is.

This deal will only be around for a week. Gentlemen, start your downloading!

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