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XBLA Roundup: Permanent Price Drops, New Releases [Xbox 360 games]

Jonathan Lester
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XBLA Roundup: Permanent Price Drops, New Releases [Xbox 360 games]

Our last XBLA roundup detailed this week's Gold Member exclusive deal for The Secret of Monkey Island, but Major Nelson has now announced a permanent price reduction for 3 XBLA titles. That's right, folks: Braid, Cloning Clyde and NHL Arcade are now yours for the taking at a substantially reduced price- for both Silver and Gold members. Click the links below to take advantage of the markdown or download the demo!

It doesn't take a time-distorting genius to work out the real bargain here. Whilst Cloning Clyde and NHL Arcade are fun and forgettable little XBLA timewasters, Braid is one of the most artistically and mechanically impressive puzzle games ever coded. While some gamers balked at its high initial price tag, Braid delivered a unique puzzle experience by allowing you to take control of time itself. The early levels ease you into the puzzles by offering you Mario-style platforming with a neat rewind trick, but you'll soon be forced to use every spare neuron to solve some of the more dastardly puzzles. The serene watercolour visuals are nothing short of beautiful... and in fact, it merrily gives the finger to Roger Ebert.

XBLA Roundup: Permanent Price Drops, New Releases [Xbox 360 games]

What's more, Braid features one of the most mysterious storylines I've seen in a game thus far. Whilst many gamers will be tempted to cheat and look up the game's hidden meaning on gamefaqs, I'd urge you to use the game's clues, google and a lot of detective work to discover the true meaning behind Tim's adventure to reclaim his 'princess.' It's thought-provoking and deeply cerebral (if a little pretentious), and you'll feel a genuine rush of pleasure once you've figured it out.

So...yeah. Buy Braid. If you haven't already done so.

New Releases: Metal Slug XX & Aqua

XBLA Roundup: Permanent Price Drops, New Releases [Xbox 360 games]

Our full Aqua review will be going live tomorrow, but I've been putting some extensive time into the newest iteration of the venerable Metal Slug series. Well, at least I would have done, but it turns out that Metal Slug XX doesn't give you a whole lot of game your money. Time for the very micro review then...

As a port of the DS Metal Slug X, this latest game is the same as each and every one of its several predecessors.. You'll shoot a bunch of guys, laugh a lot and subsequently die a lot as the hardcore gameplay gets the better of you. There are a few new toys (and a robotic ostrich, hells yes!), but regrettably you'll only get around 3-4 hours worth of play out of this title before you've literally seen everything. Arcade fanatics and achievement hunters will get around double that, but 1200 Microsoft Points is a ridiculous RRP for such a small package.


  • Classic OTT run & gun action
  • Obscenely powerful weapons
  • You get to ride a robo ostrich


  • 1200 MSP is too expensive
  • Hardcore gameplay may deter newcomers
  • Seriously, 1200 MSP? No thanks.

The very short version: Metal Slug was. Metal slug is. And Metal Slug always will be... Metal Slug. Fans of fast-paced and humorous arcade run & gun shooters will fall in love with the franchise all over again, but it's formulaic gameplay will do little to ingratiate it to newcomers. However, it's simply too expensive to recommend even to diehard franchise fans... in fact, you'd be better picking up its cheaper (and practically identical) prequel.

XBLA Roundup: Permanent Price Drops, New Releases [Xbox 360 games]

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