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XBLA Roundup: Resident Deals & Shadow Brokers

Jonathan Lester
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XBLA Roundup: Resident Deals & Shadow Brokers
This week, Microsoft is running another themed DLC deal. Whilst the  Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 offers all the DLC in one convenient place, owners of the original version can now pick up the missing content for a substantially reduced rate. As always, only Gold Members can benefit from the deal- and you'll need to log in to Xbox Live Marketplace to see the savings.

Desperate Escape is It’s only an hour long, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Even Left 4 Dead has trouble keeping pace with the cooperative zombie-killing thrills that this chapter has to offer, and trust me: the finale is one of the finest sections of the entire game that you’ll want to replay several times. Well worth the money for Res Evil fans.

Lost In Nightmares is a complete change of pace. Set in the Ozwell E. Spencer's mansion, Chris and Jill have to solve a few item-related puzzles and explore the creepy (collecting the odd crank along the way, natch). The mix of exploration and genuine suspense is a welcome break from the Majini hordes, and Resi fans wanting something a little more traditional could do a lot worse than picking this one up.

The Untold Stories Bundle contains both Desperate Escape and Lost In Nightmares... but is more expensive than the two packs bought separately. This is because it also contains a few extra costumes... but is a change of clothes really worth the extra 80 points? No, for God's sake! Buy an 80MSP Indie game and support a hardworking bedroom dev instead. Seriously, right now. If you need any help deciding, why not check out our latest Indie Game of the Week Roundup?

Finally, the Versus Mode is... well, it's exactly what it says on the tin. Two game modes allow players to choose their favourite characters and compete either for slain Majini or against each other. It's a functional distraction that's well worth checking out for series fans- but it's a sideline rather than a fully fledged multiplayer experience.

DLC and Demos

XBLA Roundup: Resident Deals & Shadow Brokers

The big DLC News is that the Lair of the Shadow Broker content pack has hit Mass Effect 2. Liara T'Soni (one of our personal favourite characters from the original game) is desperate to recover a man kidnapped by the enigmatic (and titular) information broker, and this new DLC chronicles the epic chase. As well as a short and sweet campaign, you'll also be able to enter a relationship with Liara... or carry on where you left off. Oh, and another five achievements might well tempt scorewhores that are sitting on the fence.

Demos are now available for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and R.U.S.E. These two big name titles are trying to revolutionise their respective genres- and from what we've seen (and played, more importantly), they might just succeed. Why not check out our Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Gamescom preview if you're not sure whether it's worth the hard disc space?

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