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XBLA Roundup: Aliens, Zenos and Zero Zombies

Jonathan Lester
Alien Breed, Aliens vs Predator, Case 0, Dead Rising 2, DOTW, Galaga Legions, Swarm map pack, XBLA, Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition

XBLA Roundup: Aliens, Zenos and Zero Zombies

This week's Xbox Live Deal has a distinct otherworldly flavour. Or, to put it bluntly, the aliens are coming! Three games and a map pack have had their prices slashed- and as usual, click the links to check them out or download the demo from Xbox Live Marketplace. Note that only Gold Members can access the deals, and that you'll need to log in to see the updated prices.

Let's start with Zeno Clash. It's a bizarre, sinister and utterly first person bonkers first person brawler that's powered by Valve's venerable Source engine. I rated it very highly in my full review,  and suggest- nay, urge you to take the plunge and at least try out the demo. It's quite unlike anything else out there- and improves on the PC version with new challenge modes, cooperative shenanigans, improved graphics and a vastly superior voice actor replacing one of the horrendous characters. Ever wanted to assault a one man band with a pair of fish? Give it a go.

XBLA Roundup: Aliens, Zenos and Zero Zombies

The AvP Swarm Map Pack contains two multiplayer and two survivor maps. If you're really digging Aliens vs Predator online and wish you had more maps then this is worth taking advantage of. If not, don't bother.

Alien Breed is a twinstick shooter that brings the classic franchise into the current console generation. Almost. It's fairly dark and clunky, but a solid cooperative mode and some fun weapons balance out the package. At 400 points, it's almost certainly worth checking out.

Finally, Galaga Legions is a full revamp of the beloved arcade title. It's actually an extremely capable little jaunt that updates the gameplay with some nifty graphics and a couple of powerful satellites. These handy allies can be deployed in any cardinal compass direction, providing you with much needed firepower where you need it most. 800 Points was, in my opinion, slightly too much for this one... but 400 Points is a lot easier to stomach. Fans of fast paced SHMUPS and the original cabinet will get a real kick out of this one.

Enough aliens, already. Make with the Zombies!

XBLA Roundup: Aliens, Zenos and Zero ZombiesOkay then. Sheesh. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has also been released today for 400 Microsoft Points, despite some ominous rumblings of Japanese delays from the land of the rising sun.

This 360 exclusive mini-prequel contains a full (if brief) campaign set in the sleepy town of Still Creek. It's basically just some freeform zombie slaughter to whet your slavering appetite for wholesale undead mercage, but you can reach up to level 5 within the demo and carry over both cash and experience into the main game. Dead Rising 2 is slated for a September 24th European release, and we're looking forward to getting our hands on it.

Love indie games? Stay tuned for our weekly Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week roundup tomorrow evening at seven. However, if you've got a contender you'd like to put forward, feel free to stick it up here and let us know!

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