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XBLA Sale Discounts Two Of 2012's Best Games (And More)

Jonathan Lester
Dust: An Elysian Tail, Mark of the Ninja, XBLA, Xbox 360 games

XBLA Sale Discounts Two Of 2012's Best Games (And More)

Microsoft's latest Xbox Live Arcade sale is actually worth taking a look at, since two of the best games of 2012 make the cut. First up, the exceptional Mark Of The Ninja is now a mere 600 MSP, a bargain considering that Klei crafted one of the best stealth games in recent years.

Gorgeous and deep MetroidVania platformer Dust: An Elysian Tail has also been slashed down to size. Since it's my favourite game of 2012, I'd recommend it without hesitation. The words 'shouting' and 'rooftops' come to mind.

There's more too - such as Retro City Rampage, Quarrel and the legendary Trials HD. Swarm is also a steal at a meagre 200 MSP - that's well worth splurging some loose change on. We've got the details after the break.

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