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XBLA Summer of Arcade Announced, Looks Awesome

Matt Gardner
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XBLA Summer of Arcade Announced, Looks Awesome

The XBLA Summer of Arcade is back, and if today's gloriously damp British weather is anything to go by, we'll need plenty of things to do indoors this summer. Thankfully, there are another five arcade gems that Microsoft have highlighted this year for us to spend our points on. Buy all five and, as usual, you'll earn yourself a nice rebate. The Summer of Arcade will launch on July 20th and here's a little look at what's coming up.


We got our hands on Supergiant Games' isometric action-RPG at E3 (preview coming shortly) and it's shaping up very nicely indeed. Featuring a cutesy, hand-painted look, a narrator who reacts to your every move and controls that handle like a dream, Bastion has you exploring a massive, gorgeously drawn fantastical world and trying to uncover the secrets of the Calamity. Stuffed with 8-10 hours of gameplay and an additional Game Plus mode, we can't wait.

From Dust

God games are often quite hard to do well, but Eric Chachi's From Dust is shaping up to be utterly fantastic. It's unique art style is one thing, but the innovative way it which it blends world creation with elemental forces. With no direct control over the tribe that the game centres around, it's the player's job to manipulate the physical world around them to help the tribe grow. Another game that we glimpsed at E3, and one that we'll have more on very soon.

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Anyone who has an iPhone or an iPad will probably need no introduction to Fruit Ninja. The difference here, though, is that instead of simply swiping around a screen with your finger to control the ninja's blade, thanks to Kinect you are the ninja. Although we can't see it necessarily being a game with bucketloads of longevity, the exhausting, fruit-based flailing will no doubt be a party hit, particularly as it will support two players.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Looking a lot like a hand-painted Metroid, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet sees you controlling a small UFO in this side-scrolling adventure that sees exploratory elements mixed up with the action of a SHMUP. A glimpse at the game suggests it handles brilliantly, looks gorgeous, has plenty of puzzle elements too and is full of powerups and equippable items. One to watch, certainly.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Fans of the original rejoice...the Toy Soldiers are back!  Jumping forward from WWII to the 80s, TSCW will feature fully destructible environments, new units and upgrades and a cool rewind feature that will allow for a bit of leeway if you find yourself up against and don't fancy starting a mission all over again. The original was a cracking take on tower defence; hopefully this will be even better.

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Ted  Jun. 13, 2011 at 12:23

Great lineup.

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