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Xbox 360 Arcade £99.99 @ Argos

Matt Gardner
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Xbox 360 Arcade £99.99 @ Argos

The Xbox 360 Arcade seems, on the surface, a slightly pointless venture, but this is actually a fantastic deal. You can pick up 60GB started packs for around £50 now, meaning that you could happily have yourself a 60GB Xbox 360 for about £150, which is cheaper than a Wii. Essentially a newer Xbox 360, but missing the hard-drive, this package is ideal for anyone who a) Already has a hard-drive, b) Has recently had their Xbox die on them (I ended up buying one of these when my first Xbox red-ringed, and it's been fine for nearly two years), or c) Is looking to wheel and deal on separate components.

Considering that you'll be saving yourself a good £15-20 or so as the nearest price we could find was over at Amazon for £114.99, and most other merchants are stocking it for £119.99 or higher, this is a cracking deal.

You get 256 MB of memory for saving games (but trust me, you'll want more), a wireless controller with batteries, TV cable, manual and Xbox LIVE Silver membership (you'll need to upgrade to Gold to play online), so you can start playing right away once you've grabbed yourself a game or two. You can check out the latest of our games deals here.

See you on LIVE!

Thanks to Deals Fiend from HUKD

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M3NDEREZ  Feb. 14, 2010 at 12:58

I bought an arcade when they first came out 2 1/2 years ago.. The reason being, at the time, only the Elite and the Arcade came with a HDMI socket on the back. A month later, I picked up a hard-drive from Blockbuster for £30 with a 30% off voucher, so was really quids in over a standard X360. I'd recommend to anyone that they grabbed an Arcade, and bought a hard-drive separate - Just don't be tempted by a 20GB - They've only got 12GB of usable space, and 12GB just ain't big enough!

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