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Two Xbox 360 Battery Packs and Dual Charging Station £12.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Two Xbox 360 Battery Packs and Dual Charging Station £12.99 @ Argos [Xbox 360 Games]

You know the drill. Just as you're getting to a critical point in a serious multiplayer sesh, you'll notice the green lights around the controller's guide button berserk...which is swiftly followed by the dreaded "Please Reconnect Your Controller" warning. Rechargeable controller batteries are an essential part of any self-respecting gamer's arsenal- and now Argos have bundled two batteries with a dual USB charging station...for £12.99. A single battery and charging lead/kit will usually retail from anywhere between £11-£15, which essentially means that you're saving yourself a packet.

Hardcore gamers with one or two controllers should probably invest in a 'Play and Charge' kit so that your batteries can charge whilst you pwn- but this dual charging station bundle is worth buying for a couple of reasons beyond the fantastically-priced battery packs. Since two controllers can be simultaneously recharged from a single USB port, you'll free up space for rock band peripherals, the wireless adaptor or a Play and Charge kit. It also keeps unused controllers in one handy place, rather than leaving them scattered around the house (and frequently getting lost). Most importantly, it's a nice piece of kit that actually looks the business as well as giving you attractive visual feedback about power levels.

Note that the supplied battery packs are third party rather than official Microsoft products, but they work well enough. Expect a shorter battery life than the real deal, though (which doesn't really matter, because you've already got the charging station!).

This is an impressive price for an great piece of gaming gear. Besides: even if you don't like the charging station, you're still getting two battery packs for £12. Bargain.

Thanks to Adam2050 at Hot UK Deals.

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ODB  Mar. 12, 2010 at 15:21

these are very good and very neat and tidy I have one myself, batteries are useful too but be warned they arent as powerful as the standard battery packs. That said they are free.


this will CONSTANTLY charge, you dont have to have the 360 turned on for it to charge these...very useful, play in the day, charge at night

ODB  Mar. 12, 2010 at 15:21

oops didnt read you'd already said that about the batteries...still you get a fair few hours out of them anyway, I can go days without needing to charge


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