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Xbox 360 Elite with Alan Wake £159.99 @ Game [Xbox 360]

Tom Silkstone
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Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Elite with Alan Wake £159.99 @ Game [Xbox 360]

If you've been waiting to get hold of a 360 Elite for a while now and you've been intrigued by the spooky goings on in Bright Falls, then you might want to get yourself down to Game because they selling the console in addition to a shiny brand new edition of Alan Wake for the bargain price of £159.99. You can also pick up the console by itself for £149.99, but you won't be disappointed if you splash out the extra £10 for the eerie events surrounding Mr. Wake.

Out of the current generation of consoles the 360 is definitely my favourite and quickly pushed the Wii and the PS3 almost completely out of my mind. Unfortunately the Xbox does have its darker side, to get the most out of it you'll have to buy a whole range of add ons (although the new 360 Slim comes with Wi-fi already installed), and you'll also be playing the cruel guessing game as to if or more likely when it's going to break down. Luckily, it's a fairly straight forward process to get them fixed and mine have always been returned incredibly quickly, and once you've grabbed all the add-ons it becomes an absolute joy to play on.

Alan Wake tells the tale of a novelist in search of his wife, who arrives in the town of Bright Falls to discover he's had a book published he can't remember writing, and more worryingly it seems to be coming to life. The story is presented in an episodic format and your time'll be divided between questioning the town's folk during the day, and avoiding the terrifying 'Taken' during the night. If you want to find out more about the game then why not check out Felix's review here.

This is a great partnership between an incredible console and a superb game, which you'll be kicking yourself for if you miss out on.

Thanks to dealhunter1977 @ HUKD

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SimonB  Jun. 22, 2010 at 12:30

You say that you needed the add ons to enjoy the Xbox. The WiFi alone would take this price over the soon to be released slim so how can this be a deal not to be missed :(


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