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Xbox 360 Slim Trade-In Deals @ GAME

Matt Gardner
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Xbox 360 Slim Trade-In Deals @ GAMEPersonally I reckon Microsoft are taking the piss a little bit these days and it takes me half an hour of some Quiet Time with Mass Effect 1 and 2 so remind why the hell I invested in their console in the first place. I don't know if it's just me, but recently they seem to be dropping the ball quite a bit. It's telling that one of their biggest announcements at E3 was for a piece of hardware we've been waiting for now for several years: The new Xbox 360 Slim.

It's new and sleek and shiny, it has built in wi-fi and it's quieter and they say it probably won't red ring (but then again that's just because they've taken the lights out). It's retailing at the moment in most places for £199.99 - although you can secure yours at The Hut and Zavvi for five quid less. It's worth noting that these are pre-orders and that the Xbox 360 Slim will be released over here on July 16th.

GAME, however, true to form, are offering a whole bunch of trade-in offers available across the land in-store for console owners wanting to make the jump. We like to see anything that could potentially save you a decent amount of cash so check out the list below for prices you can expect to pay on the new Xbox when trading in the corresponding console:

Click here to head across to GAME and drool over the curvaceous new MicroMachine

  • XBOX 360 Elite £99.99
  • XBOX 360 60GB Pro £119.99
  • XBOX 360 20GB Pro £139.99
  • PS3 Slim 120 GB £24.99
  • PS3 80GB £59.99
  • PS3 40GB £69.99
  • Nintendo Wii £124.99

In other words, there's no point in trading in your Wii. Mind you, it could be argued that there's little point in trading anything whatsoever but then, having just invested in a 2009 Jasper chip Elite model I might be a little bit bitter. Finally, though, we do have built in wi-fi (which the DS and my shitty phone even have as standard!) but this might prove to be a hard sell to owners already set up fine on the extended warranty, happy to look at their wireless dongle or LAN cable and save £200.

There are a slew of sayings and clichés to describe Microsoft's late arrival to the slim console party - 'too little, too late', 'shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted', to be honest you could just call it 'doing a Microsoft' - but the fact of the matter is that their original console was so absolutely bricked that this thing will doubtlessly sell well.

Thanks to GamerZines and fawcett at HUKD

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Freddie Buxton  Jun. 17, 2010 at 13:40

I don't see this as a late arrival from Microsoft. Whilst Sony released a slimmer version sooner, they also ended up cutting features such as the ability to run Linux and PS2 games. Microsoft have been able to cut size, power and noise whilst adding features such as a built in hard drive, wifi, Natal slot.

Whilst you could argue that wifi is something which should have come as standard it is easy to forget that the PS3 came out a whole year later than the Xbox. As for a built in hard drive, I understand why they didn't go for one originally. Financially they make a fortune off them and it had also been the standard for every console beforehand.

Also, the notion of joining the 'slim' party is a bit of a joke in itself as the PS3 is hardly small. In comparison to the original PS3 it is, but so is my car.

Late  Jun. 17, 2010 at 14:37

"...the PS3 is hardly small. In comparison to the original PS3 it is, but so is my car."

Wahahaha! :lol:

kieran  Jul. 31, 2010 at 00:24

how long will these offers last for?

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