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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller £17.95 @ Zavvi

Matt Gardner
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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller £17.95 @ Zavvi

Let's face it, anyone who's anyone knows that the Gamecube controller was, quite frankly, the pinnacle of ergonomic excellence. It had the right weight, the right level of bulkiness, and curves that would give Megan Fox a run for her money. Plus the 'A' button was pleasantly fat and the triggers held your fingers well. Unfortunately, Ninty's box of tricks didn't really do so well, and they threw the towel in for a glorified TV remote. The Playstation controllers have always been a little too small and felt a bit too flimsy for my liking and the less said about the original Xbox controller and that thing that came with the Dreamcast the better.

But the 360 controller took a leaf out of the Gamecube's book, offering decent bulk and a pleasing weight along with better thumbsticks and durability. Admittedly, they could have built in the wireless battery like the PS3, in fact the whole battery situation is a bit cheeky, but you can't have everything I suppose - the motto of the downtrodden 360 owner. It'll run for about 35 hours on two AA batteries, but you might as well just buy some rechargeable ones to be honest. Although if you do plump for Plug and Play, you'll be able to use the device as a USB controller for your PC.

Regardless, Zavvi's Xbox 360 controllers are back in stock and they're selling for £17.95 which seems steep, and it is, but is the cheapest price you're going to get for a new version by about £4-5 as they seem to be increasing in price every month. B*stards!

Personally I reckon that a Plug and Play kit should be a mandatory inclusion with these, but it's never going to happen. Still, you can accidentally tread on these things and they don't really break (NB: We really don't recommend putting that to the test!), I'm a 6ft 3 powerhouse and I've dropped, kicked, thrown, sat and jumped up and down upon my various controllers over the years and my 360 ones were the only ones to have come out unscathed....so far.Xbox 360 Wireless Controller £17.95 @ Zavvi

Anyway, enough anecdotes, if you want to play any sort of local multiplayer then you'll need more than one of these and you're not going to find a better price for them at the moment.

Thanks to Matt89 (excellent name) at HUKD

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