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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black) £19.99 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360]

Matt Gardner
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Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Black) £19.99 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360]

The prominence of next-gen consoles means that, even after three or four years, the Xbox 360's accessories are just as expensive as they were at launch if not slightly more so thanks to inflation. The wireless controller is pretty much the staple of gaming these days, and trust me, with all of the fantastic multiplayer games out there, you're going to want to pick up a spare for when you're mates are round.

Thankfully, ShopTo are currently featuring the black version of the wireless controller as one of this week's star buys, and they've lowered the price to £19.99. Considering that it's practically impossible to find a new controller from a reliable vendor for anything under £20, this is a pretty good deal, saving you at least £2 on the nearest competitor over at Amazon.

The Gamecube had the perfect controller, in my humble opinion; it was pleasantly chunky without being oversized like the original Xbox's, it fitted in the hands and had a good weight unlike that of the PS2/PS3, and the stick and button spacing was spot on. The Xbox 360 is the closest thing the current generation of games has to it, Microsoft have learnt their lessons and scaled down the brick that came with the original into a much finer ergonomic shape.

It doesn't really matter. What is important is that if you have an Xbox 360, you're going to need a spare one of these to get the most out of any game with a local multiplayer option. Plus spares are always useful if one gets lost in the couch's Bermuda Triangle, or comes to life and sets off to infinity and beyond. Oh wait, no, that's just cowboys and spacemen...

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD

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Hotdog  Feb. 8, 2010 at 19:47

where's the amazon xbox 360 elite deal? it's got close to 800 degrees on hukd but isnt featured on your site??


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