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Xbox One: Day One Update Inbound, Kinect Still Required, No Family Sharing

Matt Gardner
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Xbox One: Day One Update Inbound, Kinect Still Required, No Family Sharing

With much of the gaming world still reeling from Microsoft's abrupt U-turn regarding the internet requirements and used game policies on Xbox One, Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten has gone into ore detail aboout how the changes will affect the next-gen console, and what players will and won't be able to do from day one.

“There was always going to be a day one update on the console, and that’s frankly just a difference in manufacturing schedules versus software schedules,” Whitten told IGN. “We just wanted to be clear that that hasn’t changed, that you have to go online to get the software update for day one, then you wouldn’t have to be connected after that.

"We love getting feedback from gamers. My ideal scenario is always that I’m working to build a product they love. We still believe in how games and entertainment are transformed by being connected and powered by the cloud, and frankly you’re going to see us really innovate against that experience."

However, there's a cost to us getting our consumer rights back, and that is the loss of some rather cool features such as the firtual sharing of your entire games catalogue with up to ten friends.

"But as part of making the changes to allow you to use physical discs the way that you do today, what’s going to happen is your online games and your physical games will work like they do today. That does mean that features like Family Sharing won’t be there. Another example that we think is awesome is that when you move to any Xbox One, the ability to see all of your games in your Games Library. While you’ll clearly only see the ones that you downloaded online, you’d have to bring your physical discs for the other ones.”

Many Xbox One’s functions are still intact, such as instant switching between games and apps, and that those who do take advantage of a constant internet connection will reap plenty of benefits, but you’ll now have to change discs to switch between games you’ve purchased at retail.

“We believe that most people, frankly, are going to continue to take advantage of the connected state and all that comes with it,” Whitten said, “and that frankly it will be experiences like TitanFall taking unique advantage of the cloud, or Forza and drivatars that people are going to love and they’re going to use. And to take advantage of those features you’ll clearly have to be connected and online, just as if you were streaming video or playing multiplayer or any of the other things that require online. But that’s up to the game experience and sort of how they use those features.”

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DivideByZero  Jun. 20, 2013 at 11:05

"Still reeling"? Does that mean rolling of eyes and going FFS...

If so, yes.

So bored of hearing noise from MS now. Helped me decide to pre-order the PS4 already though, so thanks MS.

Late  Jun. 20, 2013 at 11:13

Anyone set up a "Bring back the DRM" petition yet?

I miss those crazy features.

Breadster  Jun. 20, 2013 at 17:42

Urgh, the last paragraph is cringe-worthy. He's basically saying "the games are much better online which is why we were forcing you to play them that way in the first place, but hey, if you want to have a lesser experience we won't stop you. Not now anyway."

It's going to be painful watching them talk about how they've listened and how they care about their consumers while trying to slyly defend their original policy.

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