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Xbox Deals Of The Week ease us into saying 'Bandai Namco'

Jonathan Lester
Bandai Namco, Xbox 360 games

Xbox Deals Of The Week ease us into saying 'Bandai Namco'

'Namco Bandai' officially became 'Bandai Namco' worldwide last month, but with many of us still engrained in bad habits, they've decided to offer some downloadable deals to Xbox Live Gold Members. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Beautiful Katamari and Enslaved are cheap as chips, while the newest Armored Core is also up for grabs at just over a tenner.

However, us filthy Eurotrash don't seem to have access to the massive discounts on Eternal Sonata and Tales Of Vesperia -- two brilliant JRPGs -- while the US makes merry. We're not allowed nice things over here, are we Namco Bandai?

Oh wait, dammit. Bandai Namco. Either way, here are the deals.

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Zeipher  May. 20, 2014 at 14:18

Hated Eternal Sonata. Only around about 15 hours long, and really confusing ending. The game just sort of... goes crazy... ends... then tells me a short story about a snail.

Really weird stuff.


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