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Next Xbox Due 2015?

Felix Kemp
Games news, Microsoft, Next Xbox

Next Xbox Due 2015?

The next Xbox is due in 2015. That's according to unknown designer Ben Peterson's site, where the vague image of what might be console prototype art lingers below text reading "Confidential / Collaboration with Microsoft's IEB design group investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015. *Work samples only permissible in person.* (March 2011)". Microsoft has been advertising for next-gen Xbox jobs, too.

It's not much to go off, what with the vague description and even vaguer picture. It's also a mite dubious. A "Confidential / Collaboration" posted bold as brass on a public website? Not to mention the picture itself - of what appears to be a long black block with perhaps a tilted lid? - could be of absolutely anything. It might be some obscure abstract art from a little-known French gallery for all we know.

However, Microsoft is supposedly advertising for jobs pertaining to development of a next-gen successor to the Xbox 360. They're apparently looking for hardware architects and performance engineers - amongst other roles - to help spearhead the making of the next Xbox. Did Ben Peterson reply to the postings and land a job? We don't know, sadly.

And while it's dubious a new - or old - employee would simply throw up concept art and confirmation of a new Xbox due in 2015 on his personal website, Microsoft is definitely looking forward for ways to succeed - or prolong - the Xbox lineage. They've already gone on record to state Kinect can extend the 360's life-cycle by 5 years. [BenPeterson2]

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Gunn  Mar. 21, 2011 at 15:34

I really hope they are working on a new console already, no way the XBox will last till 2015, Kinect or not.


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