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Xbox One In "Full Production", CPU Gets 150Mhz Boost

Matt Gardner
Games consoles, Hardware, Microsoft, Xbox One, Yusuf Mehdi

Xbox One In "Full Production", CPU Gets 150Mhz Boost

Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate VP of marketing and strategy for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, has announced that not only is the Xbox One in full production, but that the console's CPU has had a bit of a power boost.

"We're on track for launch in November," Mehdi announced, speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference. "We'll announce a launch date shortly. We recently just went into full production, so we're now producing en masse Xbox One consoles. We've had real good progress on the system. In fact, we just updated the CPU performance to 1.75 GHz on top of the graphics performance improvement, so the system is really going to shine [and] the games look pretty incredible."

Given that the AMD Jaguar cores are thought to have a potential performance of up to 2Ghz, it's possible that Microsoft underclocked for safety initially (unsurprising given their last console launch) and have been fine tuning to locate the delicate fulcrum that allows for top performance whilst considering noise and, fingers crossed, heat.

Mehdi has hailed the upcoming Xbox One release asa Microsoft's "biggest launch by a wide margin."

"We've built more [systems] than we've ever built for an Xbox launch," he said. [Polygon]


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DivideByZero  Sep. 4, 2013 at 16:24

"we just updated the CPU performance to 1.75 GHz"

Awesome, I just about remember when I had a PC with a processor that slow...

That said, these are the same cores that will be in the PS4, wonder what they will be running at in there? Not that it makes all that much difference seeing as the PS4 trounces the Xbox on graphics power.


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