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The Xbox One Has A "Great" Launch Lineup, But PS4's Is The "Best" - Says Microsoft & Sony Respectively

Jonathan Lester
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The Xbox One Has A "Great" Launch Lineup, But PS4's Is The "Best" - Says Microsoft & Sony Respectively

We'll Take That Under Advisement

According to Sony and Microsoft, the PS4 and Xbox One both have the best launch titles of all time and everything is fantastic forever.

Paraphrase? Me? Surely you jest. Either way, we've got the quotes below, along with some facetious ribbing commentary.

You're first up, Sony. Talking to Gamesbeat, Sony’s marketing VP (MVP?) Jon Koller was keen to stress that the PS4 is selling like hot cakes garnished with £50 notes (or Dollar bills, since it's only available Stateside) - and much of that is due to the “really positive" reception of the launch titles. "It’s always great to get out of the office and interact with the fans and see how much love they have for the brand. It makes everyone feel good. I try to bring my team. You have to feel this, feel how great it is.

“The launch overall, just in business terms, we feel great about it. The pre-orders are through the roof. The demand is huge. Of the five platform launches we’ve had, this is the best game lineup. It reminds me a lot of the PS2 launch, when we had such pent-up demand – “When is the PS2 coming?” The same thing is happening here.”

The PS2 launched with Orphen: Scion Of Sorcery, so I suppose we've seen an improvement since the year 2000 [though as Breadster points out in the comments, Timesplitters was a launch title too]. Killzone: Shadow Fall is generating serious buzz and solid scores, while plenty of multi-platform games will be made available including Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed: Rivals. Resogun also looks sensational, along with mediocre freebie Contrast and some F2P titles (Warframe is a personal favourite of mine). However, considering the likes of inFamous: Second Son and DriveClub won't be ready until next year, many of us have been wondering whether the PS4 lacks launch clout. A fantastic machine, but more of a long-term investment rather than an instantly-gratifying piece of kit, perhaps?

No, really, that's not a rhetorical question. Thoughts?

Microsoft, meanwhile, are happy that their "interesting journey" (read: hilarious damage control following the worst consumer electronics reveal event of all time) seems to be nearing a satisfying conclusion. We've certainly had fun chronicling all of their U-Turns and bizarre contradictory statements, but we're soon going to be able to get to grips with the Xbox One's launch lineup, which includes Ryse, Forza V, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3.

"We unveiled Xbox back in May and it has been an interesting journey for us," the brilliantly-named UK marketing boss Harvey Eagle told MCV, which wasn't a surprising thing for him to say. "I don’t think that will be a surprise for me to say." See? "Where we are now, a few days from launch, we are in a good spot."

“There’s great demand for the console out there and we are wholly focused on launch. There have been challenges along the way, and I think we have done our best to respond in what we think has been in the right way for our fans. And we think we have a great launch line-up for games.”

Eagle also suggested that the Xbox One is set to deliver numerous solid games in the six months after launch, including Titanfall and Project Spark, and rather sidestepped MCV's observation that they've shifted from 'TV TV TV' to 'games games games' in the space of six months. Not that we're complaining, mind.

Does the Xbox One boast some neat-looking launch titles? Yes. Yes it does. Alongside the customary racer and hack & slash title (Forza and Ryse respectively), Microsoft are also delivering a fighting game (Killer Instinct) and an open-world zombie killing time sink in Dead Rising 3, which goes far beyond what you'd usually expect from a console launch. Even a Zoo Tycoon title. Though I feel that the PS4 is arguably the better console and definitely boasts superior specs at a lower price, I'm buying an Xbox One at launch for precisely this reason. However, considering that Sony have already pledged a Naughty Dog-developed Uncharted title and have numerous first-party army waiting in the wings, 2014 is going to become a fierce battle for hearts, minds and wallets - and Microsoft may have their work cut out keeping up.

Killzone, Resogun, F2P titles and gorgeous 1080p multiplats. Forza, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon and Zoo Tycoon. Which console are you buying (if you're not bored of me asking) - and how do you feel the launch titles stack up?

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Bob152  Nov. 18, 2013 at 15:30

Title makes it sound like Microsoft agree's that PS4's is the best

JonLester  Nov. 18, 2013 at 15:45

... yes, I suppose it does depending on how you read it. I've added the word "respectively" while I think of something completely unambiguous.

Last edited by JonLester, Nov. 18, 2013 at 15:48
Breadster  Nov. 18, 2013 at 16:21

Wasn't Timesplitters a PS2 launch title? That alone makes it miles better than the PS4 lineup.

JonLester  Nov. 18, 2013 at 16:24

@Breadster: It was indeed.


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