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Xbox One hdmi-in

Late |  Nov. 24, 2013 at 14:57

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Late  Nov. 24, 2013 at 15:00

Have been experimenting with my Xbox One inputs, Harmony remote, etc. and thought I'd share the results - and hope others would share theirs...

I now have Sky+HD , Cyclone media player, and (a now totally defunct) Philips BD player all going into a 3-in-1 HDMI switcher, which goes into the Xbox One's HDMI-in.

If I press the "watch TV" activity button on my remote it powers on the TV, the Xbox One, and the Sky, and turns off everything else. TV at that point is on a large tile on the One's dashboard and can be full-screened with a voice command or a press of a button on the Xbox controller (though the controller would need to be turned on first). Could probably also be full-screened by gesture but I've not really played much with gesture controls yet.

If I press the "watch film" activity button (I use "watch film" as a catchall for watching TV and film from portable hard drive via Cyclone media player) it powers up the TV, the Xbox One, and the media player, and turns off everything else.

End result - whatever I'm doing the One is turned on and everything goes through it. Whether I'm watching telly or watching something I've downloaded I can instantly access any Xbox one function - be it playing games, browsing the internet, YouTube, Skype, or whatever. I've noticed no problems with latency etc.
Voice command over the tv and media player are pretty much limited to volume control (mute, volume up, volume down) - so just some limited control over the TV but no control over the satellite decoder/PVR nor the media player.
TV guide, changing channel, scrolling through hdd, fast forward etc are all done by remote control.

As mentioned above, the separate bluray player is fairly redundant now (though it does mean I can have a game disk and a bluray disk simultaneously accessible). I'm toying with getting rid of the bluray player and plugging in either my Xbox 360 or a ps3 (I don't have a ps3 but I'm tempted) to the third slot on my HDMI switcher.
Not sure if I can be logged in on the 360 and the One simultaneously, but I'd imagine it's fine. Might get messy if I'm sent a message from another Xbox, mind, and try to display it on both the 360 and on the One it's feeding through.

JonLester  Nov. 24, 2013 at 15:22

What a great idea for a topic - I think a front page promotion is in order.

I'll definitely be going the HDMI switcher route in the near future - glad to hear you're getting good results with it.

" and hope others would share theirs..."

Sounds like a plan!

Sky+ HD was the first thing I plugged in - very quick setup and fairly convenient. However, I'm not entirely sold on its usefulness until OneGuide is added - I feel like I'm just paying out for extra electricity so a middle man can get between me and the content I already use.

Except saying "watch TV" is always a blast, and it feels like I'm watching Future Telly. I've never used the phrase "IR Blaster" so many times in 72 hours, nor loved it so intently.

Tried a Wii U and PS3 next. Both work and are somewhat playable, though you definitely can feel some controller latency when playing an action game response time (The Wonderful 101, for example, is very sluggish).

The OUYA is surprisingly useful. Since the Xbox One can't be used as a proper Windows Media Centre Extender, I plugged in the OUYA and fired up XBMC. Neat. Couldn't get Kainy to stream my desktop properly though - this is almost certainly down to my home WiFi, mind.

EDIT: Oops, forgot arguably the most important one! You absolutely CAN sign in on Xbox 360 and Xbox One simultaneously, and connect the two. Great for media etc, but I found the controller lag to be absolutely shocking.

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ODB_69  Nov. 24, 2013 at 16:35

I'd be interested if you can get it working in the same way with PS3/PS4 going through it.

r3tract  Nov. 24, 2013 at 17:45

I'll hopefully be testing it with a PS4 next Friday ODB. I'll keep you posted.

I want to see if there's any latency or if the XBOX processes the picture in any way.

[email protected]  Dec. 11, 2013 at 13:02

Hi can you tell me what switch you got as I just bought one but it keeps turning off the XBox Obe :-:

Late  Dec. 11, 2013 at 14:08

I use a Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 Port Switch (bought from amazon.co.uk a couple of years ago).

Before you replace yours re-check your set-up. No HDMI switching unit should be capable of putting an xbox One into standby.

Are you using a programmable remote? If so that's more likely to be the problem.


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