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Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93

Matt Gardner
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Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93

This week, we deal with Driveclub's latest woes and ask how big games sites can justify early reviews for online games, we chat about Microsoft's continued defence of their indie parity clause, and we take a look at the announcement for the rather controversial Hatred.

Game Buzz | Episode 93 - Driveclub Is A Shambles. Recorded 17th October, 2014.

Parental Advisory: We've tried to keep it as conversational and informal as possible, and you should be warned that there may be some instances of strong language.

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Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93 Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93Xbox indie parity makes for second-class gamers - Game Buzz #93

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JoeDark64  Oct. 18, 2014 at 22:40

As always, nice podcast :)

I think not reviewing a game until it releases (with a game where significant content/ access is online) is good to see. On day of release a solid preview can go out and within a few days of that once analysis of the online side has been completed the full review released.

So, regarding DriveClub, I think it is absolutely fair to release a review now of the game in it's current (rather broken) state. The reason for this is I would look to consult a review before ordering online/ popping out to buy a title. In this instance your review would be an accurate reflection of what I would be experiencing once I purchased the game. If a V2.0 patch comes along then again it would be fair to re-review the title as it isn't really the same game/experience.

Although it has had a proper kicking already DriveClub really is a bit unacceptable. Once upon a time the Sony console platform was the premier option for driving games. All the way from Gran Turismo to TOCA, to V-Rally, to Colin Mcrae, to WipeOut, to Michael Schumacher Karting (hmm ok maybe ignore that one!) PS was synonymous with a great driving experience. Even as a graphics showcase I don't think it is even acceptable. Games that are graphics showcases really need to be launch titles. RYSE is a great example. A fairly average game but gets by no problem as there is limited choice on day 1 and it is certainly a very pretty title. Forza 5 had pretty graphics plus a good game underneath. Fast forward to nearly a year later and Forza Horizon 2 moves the whole thing forward in a game that is thoroughly enjoyable both on and offline.

Oh yeah, worst pitch ever for the Dealspwn FH2 Club! Let us know when you have a few more members and I shall jump in!

Lastly, without trying to produce the show, is it possible/ worthwhile covering some of this GamerGate business? I am not sure if I missed something but all of a sudden peeps are tweeting about GamerGate and I can't really get my head around what kicked it off or really where it is going :? To be fair this could be a limitation on my part :/

Keep up the good work :)


MattGardner  Oct. 19, 2014 at 18:19

The review of Driveclub will be onsite later this coming week. It's a delicate balance to be sure -- reviews are there to inform regarding purchasing decisions, and thus it's helpful to have them go live ahead of launch where possible, but the more and more we see games incorporating online and connected elements at their core, the more merit I see in holding off for a little bit to evaluate at launch. That's why you'll see launch impressions and follow-up scored reviews from us going forwards for certain games.

But yeah, it's time to review Driveclub. The whole thing has been one enormous mess.

As for Gamergate, Jon published an article on identity and the term "gamer" when this all began to kick off back at the end of August/early September. I expanded on the maelstrom in a vid on my personal channel a few days afterwards. We've not really covered it since then because nothing has really changed in two months aside from the volume being increased and everyone shouting louder.

There are 500 more words I wrote as part of this reply, but I'll fold them into an actual post/statement/do another vid/roundtable/podcast.

EDIT: Article on Gamergate now live here - Article on Gamergate now live here http://www.dealspwn.com/on-gamergate-183384

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