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Xbox One Can Instantly Multi-Task Between Four Apps

Jonathan Lester
Microsoft, OS, Xbox One

Xbox One Can Instantly Multi-Task Between Four Apps

DVR Videos Only Shareable On Xbox Live At Launch

Some interesting new details about the Xbox One's operating system have come to light during Microsoft's TGS showcase.

Microsoft's Albert Penello showed Destructoid that the Xbox One OS can multi-task between four applications (e.g. videos, Skype, Internet Explorer etc) and one game at once, which can be accessed by simply tapping the guide button and selecting the appropriate Metro icon - or using simple voice commands interpreted by the Kinect sensor. The process is apparently "instant."

Other lesser-known OS features include up to six simultaneous profile log-ins, the ability to 'snap' applications to the side of the screen (allowing you to browse an FAQ or guide on Internet explorer while playing a game, for example) and a secondary use for the Kinect sensor as a remote control. Apparently it's a powerful IR blaster in its own right, allowing it to control other devices by bouncing Infrared beams around the room. We'll let you make the SkyNet jokes while laughing nervously, oh so very nervously.

Destructoid also reports that the 720p game capture works well, grabbing and rendering footage after a simple voice command, but apparently it will only be possible to share videos on Xbox Live until next year. Facebook and YouTube support will ostensibly be implemented in 2014.

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