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Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

Jonathan Lester

Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

Cheap Xbox Live deals are a must for any Xbox One or Xbox 360 owner, because you'll rely on Xbox Live as the cornerstone of your gaming experience. Once you've registered an Xbox Live account, you'll use Microsoft's robust online platform for everything from purchasing games to accessing DLC, making friends, downloading apps and playing in multiplayer.

However, you'll need to purchase Xbox Live Gold membership to play online and access a host of extra benefits. Sure, you could automatically sign up to a monthly or annual plan from Microsoft themselves, but why pay more than you need to?

Upgrading your Xbox Live account and doesn't have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to grab cheap Xbox Live deals, both in terms of Gold subscription and gift cards to top up your Xbox Live account's credit, letting you save plenty of money and stretching what money you do spend as far as possible. This guide will show you how and take you directly to the cheapest deals around.

Cheap Xbox Live Deals

Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

In case you don't need a guide and want to get straight to the savings, here are the best cheap Xbox Live deals to top up your Xbox Live Account.

*Use the Facebook voucher code at the top of the store page for an even bigger saving.

Here are the latest Xbox Live gift card deals:

Have we missed a great price? Let us know! Now, onto the guide itself.

Xbox Live Gold membership is sold in prepaid subscriptions, ranging from just 24 hours to over a year. You'll receive your subscription in the form of a 25-digit code, either emailed directly to you or mailed on a scratch-card, which you can then redeem to activate your membership. Click here to redeem a code on the Xbox.com website, remembering to sign into your Xbox Live account, or alternatively access the menu on your console. On Xbox One, go to the Games menu and and then select Use a code. On Xbox 360, press the Guidebutton on the controller, go to Games & Apps and select Redeem Code.

Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

If you own an Xbox One and a Kinect sensor, you can just say "Xbox, use a code," then follow the on-screen instructions. Some retailers dispense Xbox Live membership as QR codes, which will make redeeming your voucher a cinch.

It's important to note that you can no longer 'stack' multiple Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on top of each other, however, so don't buy multiple versions of the same deal.

Xbox Live Credit/Gift Cards

Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

Xbox Live provides a storefront for digital games, DLC, apps and entertainment content. Whether you're looking for the latest AAA blockbuster, expansion or cult indie hit, chances are you'll find it on here. Microsoft provides the option to let you pay for your purchases via a credit card, debit card or linked PayPal account, but once again, there's a way to save money.

Many retailers sell store credit in gift cards ranging from £5 to £50, which are distributed as 25-digit codes that can be redeemed in the same way as Gold membership subscriptions (click here for a handy guide). The catch, though, is that you'll usually be able to buy a gift card for less than the cost of the credit itself... meaning that you'll effectively get money for nothing! For example, if you buy a £50 gift card for £45, you can buy £50 worth of content for £45 - saving you a fiver.


Xbox Live Gold: What it includes

Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

Xbox Live Gold membership unlocks the ability to play Xbox 360 and Xbox One games online, taking advantage of over 300,000 servers across the globe for maximum performance. Cloud-hosted multiplayer helps eliminate lag and cheating in supported games, and on Xbox One, the Smart Match system allows you to search for a game while watching telly or accessing entertainment apps.

However, it's much more than that, and there are plenty of additional benefits to Xbox Live Gold membership. First off, you'll be able to download a selection of free games every month and keep them forever thanks to the exclusive Games With Gold programme. Click here to see the latest games included on the service. It's a handy initiative that's continually picking up the pace in an effort to save you money. You'll save even more money courtesy of exclusive weekly Deals With Gold too, though it's always worth checking to see whether you can get games cheaper from third-party retailers.

Xbox Live acts as a social hub, allowing you to set up friends lists, chat with them using robust voice communication, form parties and lead them into multiplayer. In-built DVR lets you record your most epic multiplayer moments, effortlessly save them to the cloud and use Upload Studio to personalize your clips and share with friends or on Twitter. You can also stay up-to-date with your friends’ current activities with the new friends section, follow other players to keep tabs on their progress, watch Twitch streams and compete on Gamerscore leaderboards.

The best part is that a single Gold membership provides multiplayer for everyone on your Xbox One console, meaning that your friends and family can get involved for just the cost of one subscription. They can even play your free Games with Gold! Known as 'Home Gold,' this scheme is a godsend for families, friends or cash-strapped university/college room-mates, but note that it's only available on Xbox One. Xbox 360 gamers, meanwhile, will need a Gold subscription for every account on the console unless a game specifically supports split-screen guests.

Xbox Live account deals guide: cheap Xbox Live Gold & Xbox Live Gift Cards

Thankfully you can use the same Xbox Live Gold Subscription on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, since it's tethered to your Xbox Live Account. Or Microsoft account, specifically, which you'll use for everything from SkyDrive to Hotmail too.

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