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Xbox LIVE Adding A Raft Of TV Providers

Felix Kemp
4OD, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Channel Five, Microsoft, Xbox Live

Xbox LIVE Adding A Raft Of TV Providers

BBC, LOVEFiLM, Channel 4 And More!

While it's a great machine for games, the Xbox 360's multimedia prowess lags behind the PC and especially the PS3, what with Sony's lacquered behemoth boasting all manner of mass-media features. However, that all looks set to change, with Microsoft announcing all new partnerships with the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and even LOVEFiLM to provide additional services to Xbox LIVE.

"Today's announcement is a major step toward realizing our vision to bring you all the entertainment you want, shared with the people you care about, made easy," said Microsoft bigwig, Don Mattrick. No word has been given whether the likes of the BBC or Channel 4 will be bringing their iPlayer and 4OD services respectively to Microsoft's console, but that is likely to be the case.

"Combining the world's leading TV and entertainment providers with the power of Kinect for Xbox 360 and the intelligence of Bing voice search will make TV and entertainment more personal, social and effortless," Mattrick went on to say, probably to a room full of journalists teetering on the edge of sleep.

While relevant to our shores, Microsoft's announcement also concerned other Xbox 360 owners in different countries across the world, with strategic partnerships in place to provide new content for Xbox LIVE subscribers. Furthermore, Microsoft has confirmed such services won't require a premium Gold membership as per usual, opening the service up to their legions of Silver subscribers.

Here's the list of new services and providers in full:

  • ABC iView - Australia
  • AlloCiné - France, Germany, Spain, UK
  • Antena 3 - Spain
  • Astral Media's Disney XD - Canada
  • BBC - UK
  • blinkbox - UK
  • Bravo - US
  • Canal+ - France, Spain
  • Channel 4 - UK
  • Channel 5 - UK
  • CinemaNow (Best Buy) - US
  • Comcast - US
  • Crackle - Australia, Canada, UK, US
  • Dailymotion - Available in 32 markets
  • EPIX - US
  • GolTV - Spain
  • HBO GO - US
  • Hulu - Japan
  • iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) - US
  • LOVEFiLM - Germany, UK
  • Manga Entertainment - US
  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment/Real Sports - Canada
  • MediaSet - Italy
  • MSN with MSNBC.com - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK
  • MUZU.TV - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK
  • Rogers On Demand Online (RODO) - Canada
  • RTVE - Spain
  • SBS On Demand - Australia
  • Syfy - US
  • Telefonica - Spain
  • Televisa - Mexico
  • "The Today Show" - US
  • TMZ - US
  • UFC - Canada, US
  • Verizon - US
  • VEVO - Canada, UK, US
  • YouTube - Available in 22 markets
  • ZDF - Germany


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Late  Oct. 6, 2011 at 00:17

iPlayer and YouTube would be great, but we've heard these rumours several times before only to have them quashed when the relevant parties failed to agree terms.
Fingers crossed for this time...

hurrakan  Oct. 6, 2011 at 10:07

It needs to include HD channels.

phil16  Oct. 6, 2011 at 11:36

Its about time. I ended up getting a PS3 in the end to do this but as its just YLOD this will help a lot.

MattGardner  Oct. 6, 2011 at 12:00

'Microsoft has confirmed such services won't require a premium Gold membership as per usual, opening the service up to their legions of Silver subscribers.'

That's the most interesting bit. And yes, it's about sodding time!

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