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Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Great Deals on Great Games

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Great Deals on Great Games

Microsoft have really come through for us Gold Members this time. They've slashed the prices of no less than six top-quality XBLA releases... all of which deserve a place on your hard drive. Hope you've got some points ready- because even with the deals, this is going to be an expensive week!

As always, click the link to grab a demo or download the game- and remember that Gold Members will have to log in for the deals to become active.

Let's start with the annelids. Worms 2: Armageddon is the most complete downloadable Worms game to date, with a host of classic weapons, voices and maps put back into the mix after being mysteriously absent from its predecessor. A slew of varied singleplayer missions will keep you busy, but throwing down on your mates in hotswap local multiplayer is still the real meat fo the franchise.

Serious Sam HD is bloody brilliant. Playing like an insane FPS mashup of Smash TV, Croteam's masterful shooter has been given a shiny new makeover and lease of life. Don't get me wrong- it's still hard as nails and relies on the outdated quicksave mechanic (rather than the save checkpoint system introduced by the original Xbox remake), but it's a great price for a shooter that's as solid as they come.

Peggle is basically happiness in gaming form. It's a colourful thief of time that features the best use of the "ode to joy" in videogame history. Go buy it. And love it.

Duke Nukem 3D contains the full version of the seminal FPS, with a rejigged "replay mode" that allows you to pick up from any point in the level if you die (cutting out the need for spamming the save button) 8 player co-op is also as riotous as it gets. Shake it, baby!

Battlefield 1943 is a steal at 800 Points. It's a fully-featured online shooter with plenty of classes and vehicles to choose from. 1200 MSP seemed a little steep for Battlefield's small amount of premium content, but it's a whole new ball game now.

Finally, Call of Duty Classic has been reduced to 800 MSP. The HD reskin is surprisingly shiny, though the gameplay frequently shows its age with some annoyingly old-school sections.Fans of the franchise will lap it up, but newcomers may be disappointed once the graphical sheen wears off.

Phew, that's a lot of gaming goodness right there... but just to completely drain your bank account, the long-awaited Earthworm Jim HD will be released on Wednesday.

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